Do. Buy.Less you stay of the list?

That’s an interesting question. I have no idea but I’m going to guess it’s more of the anti-government, taking action or terroristic kind of stuff.

Like, the guy posting explicit threats against the sitting POTUS with pics in gille/rifle before sitting POTUS visits his area kind of thing probably?

I can only imagine people indicating they actively cause problems are much higher on the list that one of how many tens of millions of people that…legally buys guns and shoots them at the range.


They have lists of sites both on the web and in the dark web where the “interesting” folks tend to hang out or usually find their way to. This ain’t one of them, actually most legit gun type sites are not.

Continued or direct threats against the government or ethnic groups will get you in the radar. But it’s usually a combination of flags, not just one and that invites them tracking a person or group. AI is a growing part of the equation and most of it is handled by automation since there’s not enough manpower to monitor live.

When you meet a certain threshold of flags then you become an active investigation and assigned to humans. Buying a bunch of ammo is not really a flag, but buying a pallet of 5.56 while being a known member of a White Supremacy group is of interest.


@BobbyJean - Purchase a Visa Gift Card at the bank. Use that when you order online or in person. No link to your name, and if there were just say “I gave it as a Chistmas present to (inset name) right before he died.”


Not gonna worry about whether I’m being watched. Fed boys already have me and anyone else on a list. Those who have a concealed permit, 4377 or on a firearms related site are being watched.


And they have my prints, and DNA, and pictures, and every email, text.……


Maybe they will hit “critical mass.” That’s so much information about so many people that they can’t find anything about anyone.


Col. Flagg, MASH


Let them know!

I’m armed,

I can arm 7 others that were not armed before….

I am one of millions……

We have uses for ammo….

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O NO THEY HAVE SUPER COMPUTERS . They have to have their shiTTf to GETHER. They have to or they will lose power . Not a chance my brother :chile::us::sos::notes::notes::notes::+1::feather::feather::dotted_line_face::sunglasses::back::notes::notes::notes::notes::bangbang::bangbang:

Thanks that is great I will buy one every month . And I thought I was smart that is just what the doctor ordered brother . Thanks SIR . :chile::us::feather::feather::dotted_line_face::notes::100:

Enzo-T yes they the government does on every single American.:us: but they don’t have any idea who is in our country. That’s going. Going to attack us all . And when they start blowing up our places of worship . And our schools and hospitals and all our soft. Targets . Then they will . Mowe. Us down with all the weapons that they have from their mosk that place that they worship Mohammeds .AZZ. Punksareus!!! Bastards. BASTARDS. :cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::sos::us::sos::chile::sos::us::sos::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::beer::beer::beer: A HUNDRED .TO.ONE.WARROR. :feather::feather::popcorn::beer:THAT IS A LOT OF ROOT :beer: :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::popcorn::notes::notes::beer::popcorn::beer::notes::notes::beer:AND THEY ARE NOT GETTING ANY OF MY ROOT BEER.:beer: Don.102 :beer:SCOTT :beer:Johnny 60​:beer:ROLAND :beer:Mike :beer:BROTHER GUNNERS :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::feather::feather::chile::us::beers::sos::sos::sos::sos::bangbang::100::100::100: STAY SHARP :100:

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Scott 52 .SIR YOU CAN JUST SIT HOME AND YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO DEFEND YOUR OWN. We are out numbered a hundred to . One. Because every single one of them will kill .AMERICANS AND THEY ARE HERE JUST TO DO THAT ONE THING…KILL US. ALL. SIR. BY THE TIME WE .ALL FIGURE OUT. JUST HOW .F.e.d. WE ARE THEY WILL HAVE THE .CITIZENS OF AMERICA.:us: freaking out. And BY THE TIME WE GET IT TOGETHER. We are going to suffer . CADASTROFIC . That word for FED.ed. THERE IS 30. Million foreigners in this country RIGHT NOW. :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::sos::sos::sos: AND MORE THAN ENOUGH. To. MAKE . MOST . FREEZE. Code black :black_small_square::black_medium_small_square::white_square_button::black_medium_square::black_large_square::end::musical_note::notes::notes::notes:AND WE. ARE NOT EVEN TELLING ONE ANOTHER . About this. I Never heard of condition :black_circle::notes::notes::notes::sos::sos::sos::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::beer::popcorn::us::chile::feather::feather: WE. NEED TO . Plan. To . Survive.:chile::sos::us::sos:

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STAY SAFE MEMBERS BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Protect yourself at all times. Stay sharp. The government is not on our side . They should have stopped this invasion . STAY SAFE.COMMUNITY. Love two :feather: :feather::chile::us::100::100::100::beer::popcorn::beer::popcorn::bangbang: THEY WILL NEVER TAKE MY ROOT BEER. :beer: for you brother Enzo :beer::100::100::100::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::cockroach::bangbang:

I’m feeling you on that one. I wish I was young and dumb again. I hate this sense of anxiety of wondering what’s next.

It’s only been 3 years, 3 f*cking years. How could the Country I have loved and served for so long, been corrupted so fast.


How could our government let hesbla. Come in our country and out number us Americans citizens and they are going to destroy us all and our country and we are just waiting for them to attack us all and they will destroy us we are out numbered and they are definitely going to attack us and make 9/11/01 look like . For play my god and our government is against the Constitution and our country :sos::sos::sos::100::100::100::end:

Brother because we have people that never . . Had to fight for this country they just came in and said give me . And they never worked for what our government is giving them what we worked for and our families for generations brother. Have a root beer :beer: there all better . Stay sharp SIR THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE . :us::bangbang:

I buy in small bites and always pay cash.


I always keep quarters on me and I buy few rounds in local gun store for cash.
I don’t care the clerks are pissed off… as long as Government is not able to track my purchases…



Jerzees you are definitely jerzees . And that’s a good thing . YOU ROCK TO A DOUBLE BEAT. So to run your band . You need two drummers and some one on the Tom Tom . And keep kickin .!!! It . Love ya brother . Thanks Bobby jean :feather::feather::owl::chile::us::100::notes::notes::notes::popcorn::feather::beer: