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During the next few years — before you leave home and strike out on your own — you will be required to make hundreds of decisions that will affect your destiny on our crowded planet. Your parents and friends will counsel and give advice if you need it. Movie actors, politicians and many others will also attempt to influence you.

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This is a great article and I appreciate the time to share. By trade i am a research scientist. Therefore, I spend a significant amount of my time investigating and trying to prove a hypothesis (a research theory) either by accepting or rejecting a “theory” using various methodologies. The concern I have with this generation of students is that they rarely investigate claims to determine whether “statements or statistics” are correct. Unfortunately, we have politicians who know this. Hence, the lies and misrepresentation of information from candidates running for political offices and celebrities in media outlets. The NRA, USCCA, GOA, NAAGA, etc., need to combine forces and put our infomercials debunking the misinformation these politicians, actors, etc are sharing through media and campaign outlets. ONE QUICK WAY to wake up this generation is THREATEN to ban the use of cell phones (after all its a tool). This will send a “shock wave” through our communities and may put somethings in perspective for anti-2A supporters. I know that may not make sense, however, cell phone usage are potential causes of automobile accidents, pedestrians being mowed down and other catastrophic events. Until we can that the tool is not the problem, but the individual behind the tool and their intent, this generation will continue to rely on LEO and politicians to protect them. This type of behavior will continue to breed a generation that will a false sense of security and believe that there is no need for the 2A.