Chilling audio Home Invasion Shooting

Kind of complex third party intervention that turns into a home invasion and shooting.

The caller is an off duty Conservation Officer with a domestic that blew up in his front yard.

Being a good Samaritan and officer he gets the victim to come inside his home for protection and ends up having to shoot the intruder at 5:30 seconds into the video.

Even though officers are responding with lights and sirens as fast as they can, they arrive on scene a little after 7:00 minutes into the call.

Remember that when seconds count, police are minutes away.

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That Domestic whatever it’s called? I think it’s called Domestic Dispute could have been avoided. We’re drugs involved? We all know poor choices were a huge fact. Kicking through a door, just plain dumber than rocks. The Game Warden had every right to protect his kids and wife from that crazy man.


Coroner’s jury found it to be a justifiable homicide

Although coroner’s juries are called upon simply to determine the manner of death, whether it was homicidal, accidental or otherwise, the foreman took the unusual step of saying the death was “justifiable homicide.” “We’d like to make a statement that no one shall breach the safety and sanctity of the home,” the foreman told the courtroom.


My husband had a situation sort of like that before I met him… domestic where the gal came up on his porch banging on the door to be let in, fleeing a guy. He let her in, he was armed (of course, he always is) and called the cops.

The guy fled, but when the police arrived it got ugly. She spoke no English and apparently had managed some sort of report as well. When the cops arrived, he put the firearm in another room and opened the door. A first-week-on-the-job rookie mistook him for the perp. The rookie drew on him, shaking so badly my hubby was sure he was going to get shot. The rookie ordered him out on the driveway then collar-jerked my husband to the ground, and stood over him shaking and gun drawn and shouting at him to shut up… wouldnt let him say anything or explain he was the homeowner who called. Meanwhile the gal was screaming and shouting in Spanish.

Second cop on the scene backed the rookie but wasn’t doing much to calm him down. My husband finally got him to step the rookie back, and got them to call the Sargent who arrived shortly. Turned out the sarge knew my husband (hubby had trained him and others on the department) and got it sorted out.

My husband says even in Vietnam he has never been more sure that he was about to be shot than that day.


Great example of how when you know you’re in the right and the cop is in the wrong the only sensible thing to do is comply and sort it out later when everybody’s blood pressure goes down.


Wow, that is a terrible situation! I’m glad your husband ended up being ok!

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