Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground & Duty to Retreat: Simplified

Here are the basics:


Good link @Ross. These is never enough to know the Law.

I always combine both and advocate this: “Castle Doctrine + Duty To Retreat”.

  • recognize the threat
  • retreat and baricade
  • if you have to shoot - it will always gonna be justified.

Jersey, what I’m worried about is the reteat part bc I’m can walk bur can NOT run. I will fall down tripping up if I try to run! So what should I do if my life is in danger?

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Of course there’s no fixed Law, every single self defense situation is taken apart and discussed.
And every single one is gonna be different.
If there’s no option for retreat and imminent danger is present (in that particular moment of time) any shooting is justified.

I’m not an expert at this field, but I’ve spent hundreds hours reading books written by wise people and I feel fully confident what I can do in bad situation.

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Thank you Jersey!

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