Best and most reliable ammo

Can anyone recommend the best and most reliable defense ammo in .380 Auto or ACP? I’m referring to ammo with no feeding issues, etc., as well as good expansion. Thank you

Some brands of firearms might not like certain types/brands of ammo. It’s really best to test it with your particular gun. I haven’t shot a .380 in years, but you might find the .380 tests at Lucky Gunner interesting related to expansion from a G42 sized barrel:

also, search for best .380 on youtube, there is a whole series of videos, and they come up with definite favorites. The videos a bit dated, 2013, some types of ammo they testrd got rebranded, but still are available. Also, look for .380 on Paul Harrel’s channel. This guy has very meticulous and scientific protocol for testing.

It’s been a while since I regularly shot my .380. Triton ammo was my favorite, and that stuff hasn’t been around in a while. What gun are you using? I agree with the youtubing it.

Very subjective topic, but I’ve become partial to Sig V-Crown JHP. It’s ran reliably through various handguns for me, including my wife’s Glock 42. I’ve never performed my own expansion tests but I’ve only read and watched positive reviews.

I have not picked it up yet, but I’m getting a Bersa Firestorm.

I have a S&W Bodyguard, with 2.75" barrel you have to pay attention to the ammo, as it expands less reliably, and has less punch that manufacturer’s specs suggest.