Ammo Advice for New Firearm Owners

The best advise I can give a New or Old firearms owner is to buy ammo every chance you get. “Store Bought ammo” makes for good trading stuff.


Here is some info from FEDERAL that I have looked at briefly and has some great info for beginners to experts.


Avoid wasting time and money chasing magic bullets(see what I did there?) There are plenty of time tested loads in all calibers from many reputable manufacturers both domestic and foreign.

  1. Heed your firearm’s manufacturer’s recommendation
  2. If your pistol has fixed sights, find out the grain bullet weight those sights are optimized for
  3. Test your ammo. Some manufacturers have let quality slip trying to keep up with demand during the shortage. I wouldn’t want to pay a premium price for “meh” ammo. Shoot a sample box or two before committing to a power buy, be mindful of the production code on the box—if it’s good stuff, that is what you want.
  4. Be easy on yourself and your budget. You’re learning how to shoot first.
    Magnum ammunition that spews fireballs may cause you to develop a flinch—bullets that morph into ninja stars at five times the price of ball or round nose or wadcutters might be attractive for the Zombie Apocalypse but at this stage of the game affordable trigger time will go a long ways toward helping you become an accurate pistolero.