A Great Read (If you can just find it, now.)

ANIMAL KITABU ('Stories") by Jean Pierre Hallet is one of the best books on African wildlife you can ever read, if you can get a copy. Hallet was a game warden in the Belgian Congo, and established a refuge for abandoned and injured animals - at one time, he had two elephants, a rhino, a leopard, and a female baboon that had an amorous interest in him. His stories are taken from native and real-life experiences when he worked for the gov’t, and each chapter is titled with the animal’s Swahili name - “Tembo” (elephant} - “Simba” (lion) - “Chui” (leopard) - “Mamba” - (crocodile) etc. The almost-human accounts of elephant behavior is worth the price, if you can find a copy. Marlin Perkins is another, prolific writer from the past to look at for your library. FYI


Used books from Amazon are pretty much all from 3rd party sellers, but my experiences have usually worked out pretty well if I know what I’m looking for going in — decent prices, decent fulfillment, accurate condition descriptions. Amazon usually sides with a buyer of good reputation in the event of disputes.