A good 30-06


Almost no difference


If he’s up to changing rounds, I’d suggest 6.5 Creedmor. It is direct competition, for the .308.


I was going to recommend you look at savage as well. I got into long range and found that the savages I bought were at a great price, and were very accurate right out of the box. hand loads then made them seriously accurate! It would be my first stop if I was looking for a new rifle at a good price, well within the range you mentioned. As i saw mentioned though, it pays to know what weight bullet it was built to shoot. 308 and 30-06 can shoot such a wide range of bullet weights that, one that shoots light factory bullet loads well, may very well not shoot heavy bullets well, and visa versa.


I’d suggest a CZ. Great rifles, deadly accurate and reasonably priced. ‘06 is a great round capable of taking anything on this continent (and has for decades). At he shops around here ‘06 has been easy to find. .308 (7.62 NATO) has been nonexistent. I’ve observed over the last couple months that all the “tacticool” calibers are in scarce supply or off the shelves completely. Classic calibers (‘06, 30/30, .270, .243, and 45/70) have remained readily available. I’ve loaded/shot ‘06 for 40 years and it has always done what was asked, whether punching paper at 500 yards or white tails at 200. As noted, ballistic ally the ‘06, .308, (and 7.62/54 ) are basically twins performance wise.


Yeah keep it coming. I mean it was about 30-06 45IPAC but I am open to other calibers. I am just learning. So the more opinions you give me the more studying I get to do and I like to study. This is good stuff, I like getting into topics like this because it helps me to learn about guns. Even if I don’t buy a 308 I’m still learning that a 308 is similar to a 30 ought 6 and I’m not sure what a creedmoor is but now I get to look something else up. I think you said 6.5. all this is helping me learn so thank you all and keep it coming

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I own a .308, .270, .30-30, and 30-06. All of them except the 30-30 are bolt action, and the 30-30 is a lever gun. I find myself using the .308 more and more. Ammunition is cheaper, and cheaper= more fun.

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Does anybody have any opinions on the Savage Axis XP 30 ought 6 bolt action rifle?

The 308 stands up well to the 30-06 until you get to the heaviest bullet weights, then the 06 has an advantage, so if you want to be able to take elk or moose the 308 and 6.5 CM may come up short. I will say this though. In my town, when you could not find any other ammunition on the shelves, there was one round that was always there through the whole thing, The 270. It’s basically a 30-06 necked down to 270. But it’s an impressive hitter with a flatter trajectory. I would not feel poorly armed hunting with one.

The 6.5 creedmoor is a big deal mostly because it’s a light recoiling high velocity round with very good bullet metrics for long range, at which it excels. But it’s a bit light sometimes for hunting the bigger game. when shooting steel, it was obvious my .308 hit the steel with a lot more authority due to the heavier bullets, but the 6.5 bucked the wind better and had a bit more range to it. Every caliber has a trade off somewhere, you picked a very versatile one, don’t be surprised if you end up sticking to it.


Some good vids on .308 and 30-06. Most people could use the .308 just fine for their area. For large Elk, Buffalo and Grizzly you may want to use the heaver 180 to 220 grain bullet or hand load up to 250 grain.
Here in WI. I would be happy with a .308. :+1:

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@Justin47, allow me to let you in on a little secret. As long as you use a suitable caliber, meaning .243/6mm on up, using the right bullets, it honestly doesnt matter. Sure, the .243 isnt best for big northern whitetails and a .300 RUM is not needed for a small Alabama whitetail, but they all work. I love the .30-06 and love that choice and I would say that is what I would recommend. As I read through the suggestions, I have used literally every caliber mentioned along with many others, and they all work as long as I do my part.

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That was a great video 30-06 vs .308. man made some good points…

Brian139. Yeah I get that. So are you saying all these guns are reliable as the next? I understand the calibers perform pretty much the same but what about reliability of the rifle itself. these guns that are being mentioned all through this thread, do they stand up to the test of reliability?

And understand I’m asking a real question. Not trying to sound

Sorry it cut me off, it was supposed to say I’m not trying to sound snide or anyting it’s a real question because you’re saying calibers pretty much match up with each other so now I got to ask what about durability, reliability?

Savage has some inexpensive rifles.

Also you can perhaps find an old Springfield 1903 or some other surplus rifle.

Just some ideas.

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Thank you for allowing me in the chat community.

My Savage loves my reloads 168 grain BTHP VERY ACCURATE.

Ah, two different things. All the calibers will work just fine for your purpose. BUT the cartridge is a different discussion from the rifle as all of the rifles mentioned along with many others, are available in all the calibers listed.

What you are looking for is not about the cartridge but a quality comparison between the different platforms, whether it be Savage, Remington, Winchester, TC, Ruger, etc. Just as 9mm is not an indication of durability, reliability, etc. as those characteristics belong to the firearms platform. I am not sure about the budget rifles, as of the rifles mentioned in this post, the only one I have experience with is the Remington 700. I know there are a lot of fans of the Ruger American line. I also know the Ruger American line has strong aftermarket support so if you ever wanted to replace the stock, etc. Finally, the Rem 700 is too, but I know the Ruger American and the Savage Axis are made here in the US. The Winchester XPR is not, and the rest I am not sure about.


Brian139 reminds me of an important lesson I learned. At the end of the day there are a lot of good choices to be had, both in caliber and platform. I was taught that it’s as much about knowing your rifle, and caliber, as it is which one of either you have. Some of us take it to the level of knowing each load we use, it’s abilities and limitations.

My favorite way of expressing that idea is an old saying. " Beware the man with only one rifle!" Because he probably knows exactly what it can do, and how to do it.



I have hunted deer with a 22-250 and it will bring then down but, unless you are a very good shot it will not drop them on spot like the 30 -06. The 22-250 is (IMO) better suited for varmints than deer.

My favorite to hunt deer with is my S&W 357 mag revolver with a 6 inch barrel. I bought it just for that purpose in 1985 and have dropped deer on the spot at 70 yards (not sure my eye site is good enough for that anymore).

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional, growing into an adult is recommended.



You mean a S&W 357 Magnum like this? 6 inch barrel model 19? Your saying I can dear hunt with my revolver?


In Wisconsin you can since 1985. That picture is very close to what I have.

You will have to check the county you are hunting with as some counties have weapon restrictions, but in 85 was the year I got out of the service and the first year Wisconsin allowed hunting with a hand gun (then it was .357 mag or .44 mag only).

I am not sure if they opened it up to other calibers or not but in the .357 back then it could not be a 38 special it did have to be the .357 magnum round.


Edited for added information.