13 Threat Indicators Gun Owners need to watch for

After my situational awareness saved me from a lunatic in Alaska, I realized how important it is to recognize Threat Indicators before your in immediate danger.

Some call this staying left of bang.

The most battle-proven Threat Indicators are from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact, check this out.

Former Marine Yousaf Badou developed this list of 13 threat indicators. Following his time in the military, he became the lead instructor for the Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program. Combat Hunter teaches soldiers how to proactively identify individuals with violent intentions before they strike by watching for these specific behavior patterns.

Here they are

13 Threat Indicators

1.Weapons in peoples hands
2. Brandishing of objects like knives, screwdrivers, and pool cues that a man can use as a weapons
3. Individuals or groups running
5.Loud shouting
6.Attempts to block entrances
or exits
7.Breaking glass
8.Trembling of hands
9.Heavy Breathing
10.Sudden Reddening of the face
11.Presence of masks
12.Improvised barriers
13. Confrontation by groups or

If you see a man do one thing on this list, you’re looking at a possible threat, so you need to pay attention. If you identify 3 Threat Indicators, you’re looking at a Threat.

Once you identify a threat, take immediate action.

Has anyone on here ever seen three things on this list at the same time ? if so what happened?

Just today I was at the store and I heard a man shouting which is number 5 on the list and looked and he was running after a single woman while screaming at her. The woman was running as fast as she could towards the store away from him. I instantly look at the scene and said a Possible threat to that woman because of the two threat indicators.


#1 - 13. For those of us that spent time in the Middle East. All the above.
I’ll add…
#14. The streets are void of woman and children and it’s strangely quiet. That was never good. Ever. No matter the time of day. The $hi¥ was about to hit the fan.


Bummer on #11 people wearing masks. That’s about half the folks anywhere I go, these days.


You are describing a peaceful Antifa/BLM/Occupy… demonstration.


Wow brother here is a story. It happened to me. About Oct. 1991 while on plain clothes assignment at a subway station, there was a domestic dispute between a couple, one of the most dangerous calls a LEO can respond to I saw at least 4 things on that list you mentioned. I knew he was a threat plus he was intoxicated. He had a knife in his hand and had his female partner by the throat. Me and my partner drew our weapons while the crowd was yelling “ shoot him officers” so I yelled to him police drop the knife and he did and we took him into custody. This man was a bad threat . Thank god he decided to drop the knife.


Peaceful? Hmmm



Thank you for serving our country.

I appreciate you adding something to value to my list. “Strangely quiet” can be a threat indicator here as well.

What did you do in the middle east?


@Jonathan4 “Alphabet Agency” stuff. :shushing_face:



Thanks for protecting your community and saving the woman’s life.




1 Threat Indicator in isolation does not = Threat

But yeah this is the first time where it’s normal to see people walking around wearing masks and gloves when it’s not cold, The baseline for normal behavior has changed. It’s weird.



Can you describe a peaceful demonstration or protest that has all these Threat Indicators? I will say as someone who is always armed and does everything in my power to avoid conflict I would not go to a protest or demonstration where all these Indicators were present.

If I showed up and saw all those red flags I would leave.

If you’re a police officer or an Armed Guard or in the Military where it’s your job to put yourself in dangerous environments then it’s different. But when I am just walking around as a law-abiding citizen I stay away from a protest with those signals.

But that is just me.


I meant it sarcastically! Come on!


I knew you did!

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You forgot “looking at you then standing up”. May be hard to explain, must see to understand
Growing up in Brooklyn, it’s ingrained in my brain. I was in Phillie with a friend who was getting surgery, I took a walk. As I walked down one street, I saw two guys glance at me, then stand up. When I got even with the one guy, I turned and looked him straight in the eye, which caught him off guard a bit, and asked him “how’s it going ,guy?” He said “Everything okay, man.” I said, “Let’s keep it that way.” He knew I had them. At this point I turned and walked away, but with my hand on my 45, just in case, glancing back. They sat back down. On my return trip, they stayed sitting, and as I passed, they simply acknowledged me with a smile. They knew.


Good look brother and good situational awareness.


Observing two guys walking toward you. One guy looks at you and the slaps his buddy with the back of his hand, getting his atttention. You may the notice them separating a bit. Look out. Seen it before.



Error Number One…the word Peaceful associated with the other threee words you used…Anifa, BLM, Occupy. NONE of these three groups ever have “peaceful” protests. Their sole purpose is to start a melee, so the press can show them as victims.

Error Number Two…Brandishing. Carrying on your person may not be brandishing. Brandishing connotes pointing, waving, menacing. Again, Anita Mobs, and that is what they are, NOT peaceful protesters, brandish there ball bats with nail in them, etc.

I could go on, but I doubt it would matter to you.

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Alexander was being sarcastic it just did not come across that way in writing. He was not serous.


I learned from the Moosad list and would add wearing clothes too warm for the season, closing eyes and talking to oneself, eyes darting back and forth and profuse sweating.


Heh, that’s what half of the homeless people look like in So.Fla parks.