At 60yo (bd: 19591207) I’ve been shooting since I was about seven (my dad got me a “Christmas Story” BB gun because my older brother had one and I pestered him constantly to shoot it! By ten or eleven I had a bolt action .22 rifle and a bolt action .410 shotgun and hunted with my brother in the Texas woods. I shot my first real pistol (other than my brothers BB pistol) at 19, shooting 10 rounds in a familiarization fire course with a 1911A1 .45ACP in the USMCR.

I have a degree in engineering and have been an engineer in manufacturing since 1982 or as a software engineer since 1997.

I’ve trained a number of women to shoot including my mother and aunt, daughter, several sisters-in-law, and friends. I’m thinking about getting certified to teach this summer, but there are a lot of instructors out there so it’s not like the world needs one more!

I shot IDPA, IHMSA, and ISPC for a time in my thirties with the 1911A1 and a .44 Magnum, but I can’t shoot magnums anymore. I still enjoy NRA field pistol and “plinking” when I’m in an area where I can.

I travel in my RV for work and try to spend time in OR and WA where my children live. I was born and raised in TX, but have been a NV resident for about ten years.