What is your State Regulation

For deer hunting, an AR pistol in either a straight wall cartridge, or a bottleneck cartridge of allowable case length(see my original post), if it has been converted to a single shot(removed gas tube) and the magazine hold only 1 round. Many fellow Hunters are having huge success with single shot AR pistols, in 300 blackout.

For varmints, coyotes, etc, anything goes.

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Thank you for your response. Can you hunt with an AR15 and what Ammo can you use?

Mississippi is getting to where they don’t want to get involved with your freedoms. I like that about our state leaders. Now if they could do something about these danged mosquitos I’d be a happy man!

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I posted what I could find and nothing I saw stops you from using a centerfire AR. Here is the link.
Legal Methods of Hunting in Alabama | Outdoor Alabama

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I didn’t say that.

What I read was .30cal or greater. Thanks

You bet.

Two different sentences, “Rifles using centerfire, mushrooming ammunition. Pre-charged pneumatic air powered guns, .30 caliber or larger.

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Thanks. Got it.

That’s too bad about the 70 grain minimum. Winchester makes a fine 64 grain load for whitetail in 223.

What State are you in? I did not want to imply that FL required the load I mentioned. That grain just happened to be what I could find.
I want to try and find the Winchester in that grain for Whitetail.
Thanks for responding.

I’m in Tennessee. I set up an account at midway USA and then use the notify me button for out of stock products.

I have also picked up the same thing at academy sports labeled as hog ammo.

What is the 70 grain load that you use?

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223 Rem 70gr, Expanding Price 2 months ago was $31.20 for 10 Rounds.

It’s only while hunting.

Keep the game fair.

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