I was born, by and accident of geography, in Los Angeles. I grew-up in Orange County CA, and I went to college at San Diego, where I proceeded to begin my career in finance and and own my businesses.

In 2002, as a consequence of business, I moved to Dallas, TX, and I am never going back, short of visiting my family.

Just recently, I experienced an assault incident at my home, and I thereby spent a few to study the art and science of LTC/CCW, and thereby, discovered you folks. I have since accomplished 7-hours of Course time, and 10-hrs. of Range Time.

I am so happy to have USCCA by my side as an Elite Member with their training and support. I spend around 3-hrs. early every morning exhausting these resources.

Finally, I have applied with the Texas DPS to finally acquire my LTC/CCW license that expect in the next month or so (up to 60-days I have been advised).

Thanks again for you folks and friends, and fellow members at USCCA as I strive to be the best trained, considerate, knowledgeable, and responsible Concealed Carry citizen I can be.