Zuckerberg Backs Platform That Encourages Teachers to 'Listen to Online...


Privacy is as open as a U.S. southern border! This movie has to end!


Privacy? :joy:

Only fool can believe in Internet Privacy. :man_facepalming:
There are two kinds of privacy:

  1. Privacy which is not private, because you clicked AGREE under agreement, which said your data can be shared (it was your own will)
  2. Privacy which you think is private, because you clicked AGREE under agreement, which said your data would never be shared… however somehow would be, but without your knowledge.

Whatever is in the cloud never was, never is and never will be private.

Our kids were spied on FB 15 years ago… and nobody cared that time… now are we gonna debate about it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What I don’t understand is, if agencies are listening social medias… why Uvalde attack happened?
So the message to the listeners is: If you want to do something, do it right.

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That’s one less gift and card I need to buy this year.:rofl:


Thought this was interesting and disturbing, goes hand and hand. :unamused:


I understood that school teachers were vehemently opposed to carrying guns and acting as Police should a murderer attack children in their care. So said their Union at least, and many teachers spoke on record to this end. I am curious how they view this proposal to become the new Stasi and defend childrent from their parents’ values.
Also I recalled many teachers decried parents listening in on their classes during the online pandemic. I thought teachers valued privacy?
Zuck and his wife are sickos, in a normal society their activities get investigated by HUAC, what if he is channelling some hostile security service (of a foreign power).


I am so glad I don’t have school age children. But I will continue to support my school board members that oppose this kind of garbage. You shouldn’t have to sue to gain your rights back.