YouTube Stars

Working as a range safety officer you see many crazy things. Beware of those who are trying to make YouTube shooting videos. Sometimes people are so caught up doing the video they forget about safety.

One cutie female was posing with a AK-47 and ended up turning around with the firearm facing away from the range pointing the firearm at the person filming the video.

If you’re going to do any filming please check with that ranges rules on filming and exercise safe firearms handling at all times! Don’t get could up with the camera and looking cool!


This is an interesting topic.

At track days, they used to prohibit lap timers and video. As time went on, the allowed both but continued to shut down any unsafe manuevers and competition. Then with GoPro, they allowed on bike, but not helmet. Now they seem to allow all with most orgs.

I enjoy taking pics at the range (I wish others would take some of me!) and sharing them wtih my buds, but I’m not sure I want video there. If they want to make movies, they should rent the range and have at it.


If I had a dollar for every selfie video posted by an executive-wannabe giving unsolicited career advice while driving

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Along the same line, many YouTube videos aren’t really ‘people caught in the act’ but are ‘people doing the act in a certain way to make them a YouTube hero’. I personally don’t mind if someone takes a picture or video of me at a range there are however people in my group that are militant against it.


That’s a great point. I see way too many people trying to look cool, and have no idea of how much danger they are putting themselves and others in.