Your Meme is dangerous.!

The “Gun Meme” Lawsuit is Even Dumber Than You Think

The responsibility of evil is each and every person own responsibility. Next thing you know is banks will be held responsible for bank robbers because they advertise that banks have money and bank robbers rob banks. Stores are responsible for shoplifting because they have food.


My state’s AG, is one of 42 state Attorney’s General suing Facebook for making a product that is addictive to children because, among other things, it targets their impulsive nature. The lawsuit described in the video, is just the firearms version of this fashionable legal trend.
Meta sued by 42 AGs for addictive features targeting kids (

yeah that’s how Joe Camel met his end. menthol smokes are going out. flavored machine made cigars are going to go. don’t know when it’s going to end. alas Democrats will never quit trying to save us all.