Your Credit Score May Soon be Determined by Your Browsing History

this is NOT a good thing IMHO…

If you thought that the Orwellian nightmare was anywhere close to ending in the world I have news for you it is just beginning.

Yahoo News Finance has broken a story that should make your blood turn cold and just shows how far these control freaks in the world are. It appears that the powers that be are wanting to use your internet browsing history to determine whether or not you get approved for a loan.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) argues that this may help borrowers who would normally be denied by financial institutions due to poor credit.

Others see this as the next step for “big brother” to infringe further upon their liberties and that is 100% the truth.

Just take a look at what is happening in Australia with the insane tracking and there is even word spreading that Canada is looking to adopt the Chinese social scoring system in their country.

Things are going to get so much worse unless we stand between them and these plans and say NO!

Check it out here:

much more info on the site and worth a read IMHO…

Well I’m pretty much screwed. The only things I buy online are car parts and gun parts. I’m not on any of the major social media sites. Don’t surf on my phone, work or otherwise. Combine this with the IRS’s desire to get info from banks if you move more than $600 a year and they pretty much have you locked down. God help you if you pull $400 a week or more out of your account in cash because they have a reporting regulation for that too. They always said the future would be interesting.



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For a buck or two a month, get a VPN and use it. Surfshark is good, no records saved.
Been pulling $500 out of my bank every bicycle ride lately. They wanna’ ask, they can ask.

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@mattm VPN’s are cool and work now but there was a news story that I glanced over that the FBI want’s to ban all “Encryption” in an effort to “track down terrorist’s”. In case you forgot we are terrorist’s according to the DOJ.




Everybody wants something, don’t they? :hugs:


While I do use a VPN, don’t think that they don’t track it still. My wife will look at something online at work, say mattresses, and they next couple of weeks I get one ad after another for mattresses at home. I don’t do social media in any form, yes I am above the age of 50. I have seen several movies or tv shows that showed a future where social media played a key role in determining your standing or how you would be tried for a crime. It doesn’t seem all that farfetched. I can only hope that I am long gone before this reality takes over as I am very offended by the way it is run and used. A simple series of EMPs and most people COULD NOT fend for themselves. Just look at disaster ares, there is rioting, mass confusion and dependence on outside assistance. One would think that nobody on this planet could help themselves. I live in Louisiana where hurricanes are fairly common and we just lived through Ida. The complaining about taking too long to get internet and other services that are not a necessity is just sad. People are still without power and water and yet some cry because they have no tv. The normal outcry of ‘feed me, clothe me and give me water’ goes up even though these same people knew it was coming and did nothing to prepare. If most people had to actually feed themselves, the population would decrease be a large percentage in a very short time. Sorry if this got off-topic


Same here regarding the ads, but I think the ads aren’t really knowing who the recipient is. I’m usually using the same server, and will check if using a different server changes things…ironically,despite being in CT, I found a real fast connection in Australia, which was great until I went to order something from Midway or Brownells :joy:
Edit… notice you mention your wife being at work, then getting the ads at home… I’ll be seeing my cyber expert in a few weeks, and ask him what’s up with that. Log in credentials I’d think.
Keeping things vague, as I have no details, proof or anything…I have heard mention of a cyber attack hitting the US, maybe w/in the next 2-4 months, something I’m told the country is not prepped for. Hope it’s a false flag, but better safe than sorry.
Oh dang, another edit. There’s a site called "my’ which has or sorts of information about you. Very intrusive, they should be sued imo…but, I found that at least the basic info can be modified :call_me_hand:. Last I saw, I was still a South Pacific tribal chief making less than $1 annual, yet supporting 7 wives… something like that, I just went back to make sure my edits stuck, and they had.


they have been since my college years. Good luck. Shutting down secure communications in the 21st century is pretty much darn impossible, short of turning off electricity.


Is “I’m old and don’t care” a valid response to this. I used to care what “They” thought, I’ve never had a FB account our any other social media account. I’ve worked around stuff that has proven to me, if they, the government, wants it, they’ll get it. Look up Bluffdale Data Center, see how they collect the data stored there. I read about employers searching Facebook accounts and accessing Gmail accounts. The government storing cell phone meta data from all most every call, tracking the built in GPS on cars etc. I decided long ago, our government cares little about our rights to privacy. Don’t for one minute think boards, like this very one we are on right now, are not visited by government operatives and they would not hesitate to subpoena users information.

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The credit reporting industry is the most corrupt system we’ve ever been subjected to. Our credit should dwarf most people. But the way it’s set up it docks you for stupid things. Closing an account docks you. I’m interested to see if paying off all revolving accounts, per Sgt oral loans and automobiles Wil help increase after being unfairly reduced from a strong mid 700 rated down to an upper 500 score, though gradually climbing should never have been reduced like that because everything has been paid and on time. Now I only have living expenses and a mortgage.

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Just dawned on me, Surfshark is based in the bvi, where alphabet boys can get a tan, but that’s about it.

This could get nasty… starting to look pretty hinky IMHO…

Communist China’s scariest export yet is about to land on travelers worldwide and you won’t believe who’s helping it happen

“China’s social credit system is a combination of government and business surveillance that gives citizens a “score” that can restrict the ability of individuals to take actions — such as purchasing plane tickets, acquiring property or taking loans — because of behaviors. Given the position of several major American companies, a similar system may be coming here sooner than you think.”

“Google is pushing the climate change agenda by introducing an online tool to allow people to estimate their ‘carbon footprint’ — or how much they are personally adding to global warming — when booking flights. Globalist Google announced it makes the carbon footprint estimate using a combination of data from the European Environmental Agency and information from airlines and other sources. That data might include an aircraft’s age, model and design, the speed and altitude it flies at, and the distance between the flight’s origin and destination.”

PROTON is a free vpn

When Google says they are “carbon neutral” it means they “balance” the incredible power consumption of their data centers by investing money in some green scam activities. Everything these hypocrites do and say makes me laugh, but sometimes cringe.
If, Heavens forbid, we have to shiver in unheated homes (or sweat without cooling), use Google tool to estimate how many centuries your A/C or furnace would run on fuel needed to carry an armored limo to a climate meeting in Europe.


And yet, if any organization of “We the People” has a meeting, we have to do it on Zoom.