Your Carbon Footprint - Another Government Scam

The next time this is brought up, consider this: next to hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe is carbon. I consider this just another convenient scheme to tax us to death - get off my lawn!


It’s not about the environment. They’re money laundering schemes for the lowlife ilk like Gore & Kerry!


Have you ever noticed the most outspoken people regarding ‘climate change’ and ‘carbon footprint’, don’t live the life they propose for us, and have a MUCH larger ‘carbon footprint’ than the average person. BUT, they actually have the money to live a ‘green life’, but don’t.

It is not about the climate.


Of course it is a scam. “Net-neutral carbon emissions” is also a scam (as in Boom Supersonic claims their jets will be carbon neutral, LOL). Renewable and sustainable energy initiatives are scams, there is not one that doesn’t have a heavy toll on nature.
The only clean and green, or something like that, is nuclear.

I didn’t care much, it is their prerogative to pilfer the treasury, until the point they started talking about plant-based foods, and taxing motorists by the mile. This is telling me what traditionally available food I must not eat, and which places I must not travel in a car. That’s too much.