Youngest Legislator is Pro-God, Guns and Babies

He campaigned from his college dorm room and won! While I might not agree with all of his political views, it’s great to see a 19 year old looking at the big picture.

What are your thoughts about this young man?


HAHAHAHAHA I’m so dumb - I read this and was totally perplexed - who’s ANTI-baby? What is anti-baby — against those “baby on board” car stickers? Kicking new borns off planes?

I’m tracking now. All good. Thick-headedness has passed.


I pray that this young gentleman is successful in all of his endeavours. He is probably the first Republican that I have seen that was inspired by obama. Glad he is on our (conservative) side!


19 years old in the legislature! Good for him. He has a lot of time to make changes that matter.


Interesting… I can only imagine the hatred & vitriol directed at this young man, the name-calling, and the threats. I can appreciate the simplicity of his platform though I disagree with funding the wall. Maybe this is the beginning of something… :v:t5:

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The Swamp will not listen to him or give any respect. Just hope the future and young voting citizens will :slight_smile: :wink: