Young businessman offers rent-a-SWAT


good to hear this…

find myself wondering about the level of intelligence in our younger gens…

is like he couldn’t figure out it was illegal and advertised on the net and so got caught…



The Level of EVIL today is off the Charts.
The level of ‘Me-ism’ or whatever the current term for self absorption is
is also sky rocketing. Give me money and I’ll do ANYTHING!
They got all this from the resident Divider-in-chief on down the line.
Karine Jean comes right out and lies to protect her diaper wearing boss
No ethics, No Morals, All for me and faggetaboutyou!
these Colleges are raising Domestic terrorism as the newest degree.
This POS in particular didn’t care if he hurt,scared,destroyed any one
The ‘I don’t need to work generation’ will do anything to stay home, smoke pot
and live on the Internet/cell phones.

He’s NOT a businessman, He’s a phucking TERRORIST! Just like all our .gov’s!


Phuck, wrong S.W.A.T.!!! I thought maybe this was a way to get around bill S.3589!!! To hire out to the state, the organized state milita of privite citizens!! Because they can’t be federalized!!!