“You’ll have to kill me!”

God people (even some gunner’s) can be Fools sometimes right?
He will be here (eventually) So what?

Talking about ending a Violent situation ASAP! Mozambique or otherwise is just smart.
Some of you may not like what I say, Some have called me blood-thirsty, But I am HERE
today because of ‘MY CODE’, taught to me by men who have more balls than 75% of the
population. If you are threatened/Your family is in mortal danger YOU HAVE to take control
(as best you can in the moment to protect Your family and yourself). Doing anything less is
just fool hearty and gives the Killers a chance to take you all out PERMANENTLY!
Oh he’s talking about Head shots again I say SO FRIGGIN’ WHAT! Get the job
done. End the fight. The longer you delay, pussyfoot around gives time (you don’t have ) for the
tables to turn against you!. This home owner is a perfect example. He pelvis/hip shot the Invader TWICE and he still came after him. Ill-advised /even stupid but that was his choice… Ask yourself what would he have done to this defender if got the drop on him? what about his family? A Million things happen in a gunfight they can’t teach you in a classroom or video…There is only ONE RULE in a Shoot that matters SURVIVAL! You and Yours LIVES!. that is the ONLY rule. You can worry about all the rest after with the Authorities, Courts, possible lawsuits etc because you are still breathing! What if this crazy POS survives and heals and comes back? because sure as shootin’ he will remember the face (Yours) who put two in him and HAD HIM ARRESTED! He did nothing wrong, why didn’t the home owner hand over his life and family and possessions like he was supposed to! BAST–D! Things are different today, this isn’t like it was thirty years ago where people did a B&E got caught and did TIME for it. These criminals go from crime to crime without missing a beat until somebody stops them! getting progressively more violent as they go!
You guy’s can think what you want of me. Internet friendships (for me) can be very tight and close (even if we NEVER) meet. I impart what has been my experience and you either thumbs up or tell me to STFU!
Either way we have a dialogue going and SOMEBODY on this forum may take a piece of a discussion and use it @ the right time to save a life (maybe their own)
You wish to not pull your piece in a situation…that’s your choice. There are a million ways to handle every situation and YOU will be the only one in a fight to make those choices. Will it be the correct one? If you are breathin’ in the end you made the right choice. THAT is why I train (A LOT!), As I say often Muscle memory can save your life. It can happen without you consciously even doing it sometimes.
Use whatever is at your disposal OC, a knife, a gun the family skillet but END the Assault! As fast as you can! You don’t need to mag dump or a headshot! Only YOU will know what is best in that moment.


When someone tells you “Go ahead and shoot me” or “you’ll have to kill me” whether you have already shot him or not, that is right before he kills YOU or feeds YOU your gun. If you survive, your reaction for years will be to deny to yourself that you were actually in danger. That is one reason to not talk with police without a lawyer, the police will take advantage of your denial of the degree of danger to get you to falsely admit that you didn’t believe that you were in imminent danger of death. I still deny that my escape from assassination abroad as a diplomat was really a close brush with death, although objectively, I should be dead. I know the son of a friend who is in prison because the police got him to downplay the danger after he saved himself. Ask most people who escaped death whether or not they downplay the danger.


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