Yep, they walk among us.

Instead of one eye, he will be called one ball.


40 hour work weeks didn’t come about until the unions started to become a thing. Which is part of the reason there was a division of roles in what men and women did. Men typically worked 7 days a week for ten or more hours a day. Also was one reason why men died at 65 and the reason retirement age was set at 65. Most ppl didn’t live but a few years after that age.

Women stayed home and took care of the kids, cooked, cleaned and the wages the husband brought home still only kept them afloat above the poverty line. Which is why moms made the children’s clothes from sacks of flour.

Most families were happy they weren’t starving and this one complains about having to work too hard. As my brother says: a luxury once tried becomes a necessity.


HAW HAW NOW THAT IS FUNNY SIR. EYE BALL :soccer: :feather::feather::skull_and_crossbones:answering his funny question

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Dealing with these kinds of people makes my head hurt!


Amen, Bruce, Amen… Please pass the advil


She only has to work 40 hrs. a week? 44 to 48 regularly for 47 years. High school years I worked at the grocery store across the street after school and on Saturdays. You find time for other things. Maybe turn the TV off and put down the phone for a while.


Only working 40 hours a week and still does not have time for anything outside of work? What else in her life is so consuming that she does not have time? Having to work a full 40 hours just to be able to pay rent?

She starts out at 168 hours in a week, Sunday to Saturday. She only works 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. Standard work week. That leaves her 128 hours a week to do whatever. Being the type of person she is, she probably has her bills on auto pay so she doesn’t even have to dedicate time to paying her bills. YAY!!! She already saved an hour! If she ball parks 7 hours a night sleeping, 49 hours, she still has 71 hours of awake time. She could, theoretically, go out and get a SECOND job and have more money. She could go sign up for free classes at the local community college and learn something useful like underwater basket weaving. She could surf the internet and look for ways to get grants for college and actually PAY for classes to be able to learn a trade and get a better job with better pay working only 40 hours a week.

Very likely she spends her extra time thinking up scripts for her videos so she can post them and get a large following. The more followers she gets, the more money she can get from advertisers because people will watch her videos waiting for the next time she melts down.

Drama sells almost as much as sex does.


People don’t think like us anymore. They want it all now. Working a crap job and trading up is unheard of in this day and age.

My first job at the young age of 6 was cutting grass for my Grand Mother. Second job was fixing the lawn mower I used to cut her grass. That is when I became a mechanic. By the time I graduated High School I had my own shop working on everything that came in the door. Fast forward about a hundred years and I am the Service Manager for a commercial diesel repair shop on a salary. I sit in the air conditioning all day and look out the picture window into the shop watching all the young guys do the hard work.

I own my home. No Mortgage.
I own my vehicles. No Liens.
I own my tools. No payments to Snap-on.
I raised four kids, put one through college, one set out on his own, one became a fabricator and the youngest will go to college with a full scholarship working on robots.

Kids today need to work the crap jobs, trade up, and trade up and trade up…

Pay now. Play later.


TRUTH Brother,
My first job was in a Beer distributor
102 degrees in the main storage are where the New fangled (64oz) Cokes would EXPLODE from the heat!
I’d come how sticky and exhausted ! I think I made $6 an hour! Ah the good old days!


I guess she hasn’t seen how much she can make working from home with a OnlyFans page. :rofl:


Less than an hour after being .


Unbeing. :+1:


Send them to god He will sort them out.


“Houston, we have a problem” (You’re dead! No No problem)

Topic: They walk among us----------Not anymore)


Shot ‘Kentrell Flowers’ (Jewish?) in da mout!
(shoulda aimed a tad higher!)
Mr. Flowers will be taking his Carbs/ Protein threw a straw fo the next (3) months.
Mr. Flower’s is lucky he’s not pushin’ up Daisies’!

I’m not Violent, I’m Blood thirsty, There’s a difference :innocent: