Yappy little dog

I guess like everything else, dogs of the same breed have different personalities. Our previous Yorkie was a quiet dog. Took a lot to get him to bark and when he did it was best to check it out.

Our new Yorkie is freaking yappy it’s driving me nuts. He stands on the back of the chair by the window and barks at the chickens, our neighbor pulling into his driveway and anything at all. I’m going to start throwing little pillows at him soon.


Time for a shock collar. He’d probably like the little pillows, and you giving him attention will not be to your advantage.

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Probably but I dislike those things. When my neighbor got his german shepherd pup a number of years, it wouldn’t be quiet. In order for it to have any effect on the puppy, he had to turn it the strongest setting. It would bark, then yelp and then cry. Broke my heart

There’s a difference between a bark collar and a training collar.

I just avoid little yappy dogs, and go with bigger breeds.


Put a muzzle on him/her. :rofl:

Didn’t want another dog but she is in charge of the kitty if you know what I mean.



Tell them to be quiet and give them a treat eh. These two dogs, one a mutt are already over weight. One by 10 lbs and the Yorkie is 10lbs when he should at most 6 lbs. what’s funny, the yorkie prior to this one, my wife said he’s getting fat and cut back his food. The little thing started hunting tree frogs and eating them, hahaha.


@Todd30 @William191 >> that is funny. I was baby sitting a pit bull that had its ribs
sticking out because they were giving it only 1/3 of the food they should have been. The pit would go nuts at the mail man or if the door bell rang it would get way out of control. The last time the door bell rang the dog jumped and bit my hand when I reach for the door knob. The dog was a rescue and bad to the bone.
If you do some home work you came stop the little choppers.
Good luck.
PS: if your Dogs name is “ White Fang “ try this.


@William191 >>