WWD: rock chucher


I don’t think I’d run over them.


Drive a little father, hit the save button on my dash camera, pull over in a parking lot (in a way that I can move by simply hitting the gas from how I am sitting there), call 911 and report that someone is throwing something significant at cars and already hit mine.


Absolutely correct. From a legal standpoint!

I would put it in reverse, then run him over again!

How much leeway are we going to give, until they start shooting us from the side of the road? Today rocks, tomorrow, bullets!
Before we know it, rape and murder will be misdemeanors! If not legal!

That’s a deadly instrument, with intent, and could cause grave bodily harm to ANYBODY in the area.

So here’s the question.

I’m hit in the head while driving by Mr. rock thrower, I’m rendered incapacitated for a moment as my car veers out of control running over and killing a 5 year old, who is responsible?

The year is 2023 and I voted for Trump. At the very least it says Republican on the voter rolls!
Who gets charged with manslaughter, rock thrower or me?

He ( 5 yr old ) would be whole but for!

Run him over twice!


Just put a Biden for president sticker somewhere on your car and you will be okay.

PS a fake republican is called a RINO…what do you call a fake democrap; a DINO?


Silly question. No rational reason for deadly violence in the given situation. @Nathan57 has the right of it.


Once it is thrown, and you are down the road, there is no imminent threat to you. Possibly no further threat to you whatsoever.

There is a difference between the person standing there with his throwing arm cocked and traffic moving towards/past…and him with an empty hand having already thrown and you are down the road moving away from him.

(I am not a lawyer and I am not interpreting the law)

Some of the responses I have read to this youtube video would seem to constitute murderous intent on the part of the driver…hoping to kill someone as retribution for damaging your car.

That’s not self defense and is not justified (again, not a lawyer)


Yeah! I do get it. Totally not concerned about my car! Just completely frustrated with the way this country is going!
I’m extremely hyperbolic to say the least.
If law and order were in effect, I probably wouldn’t be so outspoken!

We couldn’t be saying that once the bullet is out of the barrel, it or I are no longer a threat? You don’t have to answer that.

It’s probably just me, but this constitutes attempted murder with a deadly instrument! People die from this type of murderous behavior!

You’re absolutely right, he’s no longer a threat, she’s dead!

As side note, there’s no such thing as crime prevention, it’s crime clean up!


Right, he is no longer a threat to you in the situation videod


Warning, more hyperbole on the way.

So let me get this straight.
The unarmed fellow sitting in his basement in Utah that made a verbal threat to a sitting POTUS is shot dead.

Yet an active thrower, nè mass rocker, armed with boulders on a public street, is somehow not a threat?

Asking for a friend.


Yes, he is a potential danger to everyone else on the road. You got lucky and weren’t killed. What about the rest of the people driving by this lunatic? Are we not allowed to use lethal force to protect others? I certainly would not have done what he did, but was it justified to protect everyone else on the road?

The police are not there most of the time, and during the Summer of Love, we have seen how children and seniors became victims while the police watched. At what point do you act to protect others when there is no law enforcement action to protect them?


I might have my stories confused, but the one I’m thinking of in UT explicitly threatened to assassinate the POTUS and then pointed a gun at the FBI when they showed up.

The rock thrower, after he threw his rock, who was then standing on the sidewalk, is not an imminent threat, no. He doesn’t have a rock in his hand and you have to turn your car around and go after him.

Not an imminent threat.

I think we can take this as one of those requested exampls of the USCCA showing the “don’t do this” examples


This isn’t justification to try to kill someone.


We the People just give and give and give in to ‘these people’…
We say to ourselves it’s OK, things will straighten themselves out (eventually).
When? Brothers and Sisters? WHEN are we finally going to say ‘ENOUGH!’
Your a shi–ead! You throw a rock @ my ride…
You kick in my front door (and your friggin’ armed!’
You and your fellow Antiphucks decide to go on a Mass Smash and grab!..
When do you make that rock thrower a smudge on the road?
When do you use your legal firearm and shoot dead that home invader and
any friends who may be with them?
and when do we all finally say enough to rampaging ‘yoots’ (and Not so yoots)
and begin to LEGALLY protect your business, home, family and vehicles?
When the hell did we let these panty wearing corrupt, soul-less political hacks
dictate when and where we should allow others to kill us and we do nothing?

As a Brother here always say’s:’ Asking for a friend’


I’m guessing, as soon as they burn it all down.
We are obviously just bystanders! Grab a bowl! Butter :question:




(are you people addicted to popcorn?)
(do you need a support program?)

askin’ for a friend :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


My bad, I misplaced my harp!


Good conversation!


The guy standing unarmed on the sidewalk in your review mirror isn’t about to kill you, though


My bad, I misplaced my harp!.

and you people NEVER forget ANYTHING posted! Amazing!