Write a letter. Yeah, snail mail. Do it.

Dialogue the old fashioned way with someone important in your life.
To an adult child maybe. A sibling or other relation. Or perhaps a good friend in a distant town.
Let them know you care. Let them know what’s going on in your world.
Accept what’s going on in their world,

Let the energy in your penmanship give your words wings,
If your penmanship is terrible, what better excuse to practice?
Most people today would be flabbergasted to receive a letter in the mail.
They may even write back.
Imagine that—a civil discussion. I think we need more of that.


Just sending out a card with pictures to my Aunt in Wyoming who is housebound, after she gets them I will usually call to discuss the pics and give her any news. :grinning:


Yeah - let’s keep the history alive.

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Let’s make our Grandparents, Parents and Family Members happy !

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My wife still keeps letters I was sending her before we were married. What a memories. :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know email, social medias, texts, MMS… this is today’s World… but communication with your Loved Ones or people we care about is not about how fast or how many words you see on Internet… it’s about respect for other.
Few words on paper mean much more than hundreds “likes” on cloud.


I have kept every card Nancy has given to me over the years, I still read them from time to time :sparkling_heart: