Wow... rubbing it in?

new commercial from Russia… interesting…


Wow, they should put this one next to the one from Gavin Newsom complaining about people leaving California for Florida. Even Russia sounds more appetizing than CA… LOL


Don’t know how true it is but Moscow is one of the most expensive places to live I hear.


@William191 , more expensive than almost anywhere in California? LOL

I think it is sad, and incredibly comical when an ad promoting moving to Russia pretty directly attacks all the policies that have been implemented in California.


The Russians themselves answer your question. I believe actions a lot more than words.

How many have left Cali during that same period?

That is not an honest headline:

A total of 3,880,679 Russians traveled for work, business, tourism and private reasons between January and March.

Got to be honest. At least the guise of freedom is what we live under here in the us of a
Where our racists are where we can see them !
Where we have a two party system !
And I would never compare California to Russia period , at least I know in California I may get clapped by a gang banger but carry so I have a chance to clap back !
In Russia you get detained and held indefinitely until someone reports you to the consulate if you told them your itinerary , see in Russia you banged by a gang of fsb! And they don’t care to hear your story because you have no rights there ……period

Sounds exactly like Cali…


Tout’che !

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