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I work at a place that I believe has a policy against employees carrying concealed, if this policy is in fact true, and I carry without asking will I be facing any legal issues beyond firing? I live in the state of Michigan and can carry even if there are signs against it, however my place of employment doesn’t have these signs, and the only thing that helps me understand that they have a policy against employees carrying is a handbook that I googled, but was not given. I’m not sure if this is a policy that applies to my franchise, nor do I want to ask quite honestly. I understand that I could be fired, but I would like to know if I could face legal trouble as well?


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This is definitely a question best left to a lawyer familiar with Michigan regulations.

I would think the most likely outcome is that you would be fired if caught carrying or using it to defend yourself and others. Even if you saved everyone there from an attack.

Charges could be possible such as trespassing and maybe others depending on how Michigan property and carry laws are written.


All of the larger places I have worked you must sign for your handbook with HR. That being said you can be fired for any reason at any time. (Right to work law) Other wise common laws should apply. Other wise check here.

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I would say that which already been said, best to ask a lawyer knowledgeable with Michigan gun laws, also I can not see them talking it any further if they fell to give you a handbook but then again, I’m not a lawyer. Good luck brother and stay safe


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my employer also doesnt allow carry and if caught you will be terminated period! so weigh you options


Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input, I also contacted a firearms lawyer in my state, he said pretty much what I expected, they’re able to fire me, but I likely wouldn’t be facing any legal charges as long as my workplace isn’t a gun free zone as it is not. I understand the firing potential I just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t harm me beyond that. Thank you all for your feedback, have a blessed day.