Woman Covered In Pokemon Tattoos Denied Position On Police Force

How about she just wear a long sleeve shirt. I’m not a fan of tattoos but won’t a long sleeve shirt solve the situation If she wants to serve ?


Fred and James both make good points. Consequences are a part of everything we do. I don’t dispute that. My thoughts were more about doing unto others …I dont like being discriminated against because I actively practice my 2A rights, therefore I won’t discriminate against someone for actively practicing their 1A rights.

Plenty has been said on other threads about employers who won’t allow CC at work or how gun free zones are a ridiculous restriction on 2A rights etc. I agree with all of that. Just trying to be fair in how I look at others.

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Dress code said no tats on face, hands, and I think neck. So that was the issue Robert8.

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Roger that brother…and I’m with you on that.

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Not really. Discrimination laws have always been designed to protect religious liberties and things we have no choice over such as our sex.

Personally I think there’s nothing at all controversial about her tat’s but I understand the policy.

Personally I think anyone that invested in “body art” probably has some fairly significant personal issues and might not be a good candidate for LE.


Something I’m always pounding on when working with young people.

Every choice you make that takes you out of the mainstream limits your options for the future and things that seem to be neat or cool in the moment can have permanent life altering consequences that will limit your future opportunities.

The more options you leave yourself the more options you have for success in the future.


Well let’s think of that one. None of us advocates the position that every should own one or should be required to do so.

Such a statement might give me pause but all it would do is to make me take a harder look at all of their 2nd Amendment related positions.

Should everyone own a 700hp sports car, or 1,500cc 200mph motorcycle? No as most people could not safely operate either.

But I’m not seeing nothing on the face unless I’m missing something. Well it’s her problem to figure it out. @Fred_G
Oh to be young and stupid and get older and responsible. Maybe some other police departments some different state.

The article states she doesn’t have them on her face but that those on her hands violate the department policy.

When you wear the badge you’re not an individual, your looks, manners, mannerisms, and actions reflect on everyone else who does so and are seen by the public as reflective of the department you work for in the same way though to a lesser degree as those of us who have served in the military reflect on our services overall.

If she was covered in “Black Power”, “White Power”, or tat’s carrying other unpopular political or religious messages their choice not to hire her wouldn’t be given a second thought.


@WildRose Yes Charles, someone wrote to me about face is why I said about face. I’m sure she’s going to figure out what exactly she needs to do if she wants to have a career in police work.

I don’t see any discrimination here, not in a legal sense. I see the non-discriminatory application of a department-wide policy, presumably without regard to gender or content. I don’t have a particular problem with the policy. An important aspect of policing, especially regarding uniformed officers, is public perception. This department has apparently made some decisions about that and implemented policies they believe are beneficial to that end.

I do understand the deep significance and commitment that tattoos can represent for an individual, and respect a person’s right to choose that form of expression. I have a personal code regarding judging a person for something about themselves they cannot readily change. But let’s not loose sight of the fact that everything about a tattoo is a matter of choice; size, placement, subject matter–all deliberate choices. Which is maybe why my first reaction was to question the personality development of an adult who has covered themselves with highly visible tattoos celebrating a kiddie game.


This has been a good discussion. It is interesting to read the comments about the student who had a firearm on his shirt at school versus the comments about this young ladies tattoos.