Wish me luck

Interviewing for a promotion today. Hopefully I get the supervisor spot!


Good luck. I’ve been a middle management type, and you couldn’t pay me enough to do it again.

It’s a good sized pay raise for me if i get it. 3rd shift so i won’t get as much of the politics. And it looks good for my portfolio.


You’ll be awesome! Go knock their socks off!

The interview did not go as I thought it would. I was expecting to have to answer a lot of questions and instead we talked about savage, spicey and completely inappropriate memes. At the end I was straight up told, We know you’re qualifications, you’ve been filling in for this spot for the last several months and we have zero complaints and absolute faith that you would make a great supervisor. We want you to get this spot, however company policy is clear and dictates that we have to hire the highest qualified individual. We really hope that’s you.

I’m left slightly confused and amused. I have no idea how this moves forward.


Well, I think that went pretty well! I work contract, which means I interview a lot more often than most folks… you hardly ever hear that sort of thing during the interview itself. Keep us posted on how this turns out. Did they say when they would be deciding?

Nope. Not at all. I know all 3 of the current supervisors want me to be the next one. Unfortunately for me our manager has the best poker face in the business. He’s also been manager for 30 years and can pull some stunts you wouldn’t believe. So i have zero idea where this is going.

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