Will a 22LR kill a Zombie?

Alright, fun question, and I know I am way late, usually don’t get caught up in series but just recently starting watching seasons of The Walking Dead on Netflix which made me think, “Will my 22LR S&W 15-22 kill a zombie?”

“One shot in the head? Multiple shots? Not at all?”

Just wondering if I need more 22LR ammo…


Depends on the screenwriter.

But regardless, yes, you need more.


TWD Screenwriters won’t like this.

Forget the shot to the head.

One to the kneecap will slow down a horde.

Won’t work though for World War Z zombies.

No, hell no.
22LR is NOT listed by manufacturer as valid Zombie killer caliber.

A 2021-03-14 23-34-18

And I couldn’t find any confirmed case that 22LR killed a Zombie… perhaps Zombie Squirrel ? :thinking:


Guaranteed to take down zombies and keep them from eating your brains, or your money back?
:zombie: :brain: :woman_zombie:


I would have to ay if you used a 22 LR for a 200 lb. bear it would take several,( well placed shots) to actually take it down. I would also speculate that it would not be a good idea to try either. So, from that I would not want to have to depend on a 22 LR to take down a 200 lb. zombie coming at you.

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I just started watching TWD on dvd myself. I must say the writers on the show must really like some of them. Just head shot after headshot, even when there’s only like a 2 inch opening to make that shot.

I will say a .22 a couple inches from the neck aimed up into the head can kill. It was actually the preferred gun and method by mobsters back in the day.

But if I got to get that close to a Zombie I think I prefer Michonne’s sword.


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No. The goul is already dead.


@Ouade5 wins. :thinking:


I thought the thing about zombies was that they were already dead, so you had to actually destroy their body’s ability to function at all to shut them down. I’d think that no pistol rounds would be particularly effective. I thought that was why shotguns were the go-to anti-zombie rounds, because they rendered large portions of the zombie physically unable to move.

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Zombies are already dead.
The only way to stop Zombies by dismantling them.


Depends on the zombie. If it’s a World War Z, 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead type of zombie a headshot that destroys the brain should do it since they aren’t actually “dead” just infected/diseased and effectively mindless. So a well placed shot or two with a .22LR should be sufficient.

TWD zombies are a bit different as they are actually “dead” and in many cases have decayed well past the point of logic (HA!) where they should be unable to move. IIRC aren’t there scenes with a hand moving on its own (or maybe i have a different zombie movie in mind)? So to that end, the only solution is total destruction of the brain/brainstem and/or breaking all the joints so they can’t move.

I think a .22LR could still do it, but would require many more shots. In that case I’m not sure whether it would be better to have a lot of .22LR or fewer rounds of a more powerful caliber. I would also note that some of TWD zombies have so little flesh any rifle round and most pistol rounds would just zip right through them on a body shot.

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They also can kill bears:
Kills Bear Threatening Dog

Even a .22 long one shot:
1953, was the world-record grizzly

Or it might not:
.22LR and Bear Attacks

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A bladed weapon is probably a good idea for TWD type zombies, World War Z zombies maybe not so much.

I’ve got a sweet Atlantean Sword as well as a Katana




Not unless it is a head shot fired from a firearm equipped with a silencer – silver bullets only, dipped in Holy Water. Shooter must wear garlic clove necklace. Full moon helps.


I am confused. I though a Zombie was already dead. So you want to stop it, not kill it. right? The technical answer is on TV it will, but that depends on the writer.

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I finally gave up on TWD by the end of season two. First because the zombies were too ridiculously implausible to exist and, second, Rick and his band of merry morons were too stupid to live. I mean, they had been living on the farm for months but had made no significant defensive improvements. No fences, trenches of obstacle fields. No serious watchtowers or regular forward patrols/observers. No fortifications to the house or outbuildings. No go bags/vehicles kept close and ready. No established command structure. They were a zombie feast just waiting to happen.


I don’t know . My $400 S/W AR-15 .22 equipped with a Vortex $350 1-4 power illuminated scope and fitted with a Franklin Armory $380 binary trigger with a few dozen Plinker’s Tactical 35 round magazines that I can empty into IPSIC target head at 15-20 yards in only 3-4 seconds might give anyone pause until I could reach a 5.56 or 300 Blackout or .458 Socom AR or even my belt fed MCR-060 . :>) .

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It will if you don’t use copper jacketed ammo. Zombies can’t tolerate pure lead.

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