Why your childhood hero isn't a hero anymore

May 25, 1977…
[…] The fate of the galaxy is forever changed when Luke Skywalker discovers his powerful connection to a mysterious Force, and blasts into space to rescue Princess Leia. Mentored by a wise Jedi Master, and opposed by the menacing Darth Vader, Luke takes his first steps on a hero’s journey. […]

That how it started… everybody remembers it…

December 6, 2023

We must ban all these tools he had been using for a long time to rise his glory up to the sky… ban them now ! :smiling_imp: :imp: :speak_no_evil:

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I once heard a story about a little girl. The story went by the name little red riding hood. As I have aged so gracefully and studies English literature, I found that the story was a dark story about a little girl that did not adhere to the warnings of her parents and was actually attacked and eaten by a wolf. Modern day renovations of the story have come out and still remain a morbid reminder that there are bad people who will approach you as a nice person but will destroy your life. The reason I stated this is because people in the movies are such type of people. They may think that they are relaying a message of hope, winning over evil by means that are unrealistic and just fantasy. There is a morale to the stories that you watch but one should never confuse the entertainment world stories with those of what is true and realistic.
What heroes do I have? My dad and my mom are my heroes. My big brothers are my heroes. My daughter is one of my heroes. They all have dealt with the realities of this world and made themselves as honorable people who love and care. They have overcome great devastations and still came out on top and what do they have to give honor to because of their success in doing so?
Honoring God in their lives and excepting his love and grace into their lives. For only by the grace of God they have the joy and love in their lives through all the bad and hard times in their lives they knew that God has a plan for them.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to your lives.


Mark is Nic Searcy’s punching bag.


“This POS aaaa I Mean PSA brought to you by the DNC.”


Brainwashed Demonicrats in Clownywood, did I miss anything?


I think we should listen to the wisdom of someone that is so well versed in firearms, and the safe usage of said firearms. This twit knows all about the dangers of guns. Just look at how well he has his finger wrapped around the trigger on all these pictures. Now that is a good grip. Kind of reminds me of a fellow actor also very knowledgeable about gun safety that never pulled the trigger on the gun that he murdered a cinematographer with.

These court jesters should learn about the tools they use in their job , and STFU , and just entertain us.


Around the same time as Star Wars was released, then California Governor Ronald Reagan announced his support of the Mulford bill which made it a felony for people to carry firearms without a license. That ushered in what would become the draconian gun control laws of California that we live with today. And was enacted by a Republican governor with the support of the NRA.

It was a law targeted at the Black Panthers who had started showing up at political events with a variety of firearms.

Just goes to show that your childhood political hero – Ronald Reagan – isn’t such a hero after all.

California Gun Control: How Ronald Reagan and the Black Panthers Started a Movement (californialocal.com)


That’s what I believe a hero is. Someone who faces adversity head on and comes out the other side still being a person of honor and compassion. That’s heroic.


Never was mine, he was a RINO.

Talk about a topic that can go into deep territory real quickly.

I think my childhood heroes aren’t heroes anymore is because they were just that. Childhood imaginations of an unreal reality or possibility. When the real world slaps you up aside the head you rearrange your reality of life.

Right now my heroes are my parents. They set aside their wants and wishes to fulfill mine as best they could.


My hero’s are sneaking around behind the lines, in combat zones, in foreign governments collecting the intelligence that will preempt a strike against Americans or America.


At my age, I just wish they would let me fly a few suicide drones into a tank or building housing terrorists a few times.


If I recall correctly, it was passed as emergency legislation which means it took effect immediately upon the goobinator’s signature drying on the document. Most legislation that is not emergency legislation take effect on January 1 of the following year or later. The Black Panthers had demonstrated in Schitzomento in front of the capitol building while the legislators were inside peeing in their panties. The bill zapped through the legislature like a wildfire through SoCal in a santa ana wind. Ronnie signed it as soon as it hit his desk and it became law. Actually what it really did was disallow the carrying of a loaded FA without a permit, except in certain excluded places. It was still legal to carry an FA that was unloaded and unconcealed. That exception went by the wayside in more recent legislation because a lot of folks were exercising their “right” to carry unloaded FAs openly. They wanted to taunt the authorities. Well, they did. Now one cannot openly or concealed, carry an FA with certain much more limited exceptions.

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The irony is that the “emergency” marked the beginning of draconian gun laws in California with a Republican governor’s signature and the endorsement of the NRA. I think the legislators were motivated by dangerous black people with guns and that’s all it took to abandon the 2nd Amendment.

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Did You Say

Again? OK, I read a few times, got it. Let’s move on. So while we’re at it, remind me, Who signed the Patriot act? A Republican?

             MY GRANDAD IS MY HERO

Because my Grandfather died of natural causes full knowing that he had taken out seven men for crimes that would make them eligible for the death sentence & one because he was owed money & the man laughed in his face when Grandad confronted about it. He was a righteous man who rarely lost his temper. He died when I wes 11. My uncles told me about his kindness & the things he would not stand for. He & his two brothers were Wildcaters. They drilled for oil. It was like the wid west. Men were killed every day. Large sums of money rested on a handshake.
He’s isn’t my childhood hero anymore because he is now my adult modern day hero


What is an FA?

I rarely see that but when I do, it means Fully Automatic, as in, machine gun.

FA in this context is firearm.

NAH. It means Fire Arm. Newspeak to confuse the snowflakes. Did you see my list of Newspeak for different FAs?

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Personally I’d rather just call it what it is, IMO using an acronym that already means something else in the firearms context confuses everyone. FA is full auto