WHY? Why would a Classic TV show channel EVEN CONSIDER doing this?

Race Baiting at its finest.
What in the world would a cable network channel, known for it older classic shows that mostly promoted friendship, family and God, make the decision to implement THIS public announcement at EVERY commercial break?

The obvious promotion of a known racist domestic terrorist group, whose multiple incidents have shown to be Anti-American, Anti-Police, Anti-Government and a Racist organization who promotes the attacking and killing of White people (remember the video of BLM marchers chanting "What do we want?? DEAD COPS!..When do we want this?? NOW! and BLM marching chanting “Pigs in a blanket, FRY EM LIKE BACON!” and the 5 assassinated WHITE Dallas Officers murdered and 9 other innocent White people shot by a BLM sniper while they were PROTECTING BLM MARCHERS in Downtown Dallas TX!).

This can ONLY BE their attempt to continue and enforce separation of the White-Black race relationships.

TV Land has always been considered a White AND Black classic channel that by its own broadcasted line of pre-civil rights unrest…helped people today understand that crime and hate between the races is bad…and respect and integrity between the races was/is good.

Then they go and do this…an obvious blind sided ignorant statement publicly made to incite more of what our country suffers from now.

Just think what would happen if a TV station did this in the opposite…

“White Supremacist,
We stand behind you and your agenda to murder black cops and black people!”

Your thoughts?

(I just snapped this photo of my TV screen while watching The Andy Giffith Show!)


I’m told MTV does the same thing…

This is Google from yesterday:

Also my son was told yesterday that he was racist, because he didn’t want to “protest”… which meant fighting with Police… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Did he respond with “I’m racist because I won’t burn down my own city?” Or “you’re a dumb***.” ?

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He knew the smartest and wise tactics was to say nothing and retreat.

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Last night I was watching BAR RESCUE on the PARAMOUNT CHANNEL and they were showing the same ad.

Glad to hear that!

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The only thing that comes from lawlessness is destruction. I don’t think most of these rioters realize the consequences of their actions, and unfortunately, it could very well affect us all.

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Is it not the people who draw the lines who create the things to fight over?