Why the H. E.Double Hockeysticks is Canada allowing China to do maneuvers near our border

Many draft dodgers… like Bill Clinton.

Trump (and Clinton to be honest) had deferments… which is NOT ‘draft dodging’…
Though, when Clinton was up for possible draft, he ran to England…

Trump had a medical deferral… as did Joe Biden… Biden had deferments and did not serve in the military due to asthma.

You might want to look to your golden one you worship with his blond leg hairs the little children rub… before throwing rocks at Trump.


Notice the beginning date. My dad went to Nam in 64 and came back in 66. I remember it very vividly as a boy. National Guard members are not considered veterans if never activated. The most decorated unit during Vietnam War was a Guard unit I’ve read. But it was what some people did to avoid being put in heavy fire areas. I knew some. https://www.nationalguard.mil/Features/2016/Vietnam.aspx

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True…until 2016. A new law makes those who serve 20 years or more in a National Guard unit who was never activated… a veteran.

You will notice also, some say they were a Vietnam vet… and some will say they were a Vietnam Era Vet. They served during the time frame of Vietnam, but never went to Vietnam.

Some of the most decorated units have been National Guard units, not just during Vietnam.


My dad and uncle were drafted during the Korean War… my dad went to horrible combat, my uncle stayed in the states for the duration of his enlistment… BOTH are considered Korean War Veterans.

I served during Viet Nam— I never left the states… I am still a Viet Nam Veteran, BUT, out of an immense respect for those who have seen things that no man should ever see, I go by the term Viet Nam ERA veteran.


My father joined the Marine Corps… went to Korea… and Vietnam… and was a DI at PI… being raised by a Marine Drill Instructor is FUN…

But I learned a lot. If it did not take until I was older to actually realize it… is the only problem


Yes, I forgot about the new veteran status of guardsmen/women. I would say you’re a Cold War vet, not a Vietnam Vet since you were not deployed into that arena. But Thanks for your service. I am a Cold War veteran too. But I served in the National Guard too after active duty Army. My service there covers Desert Storm and Iraq War. I was supposed to be deployed to Iraq in 2005 but was too messed up to deploy. Lots of disabilities caused from training injuries on active duty. Disabled now.

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All that served deserve our respect and thanks. Even if they did not serve in combat, they signed up to defend all of us and could have been sent into combat.


I am still amazed that the Left among us get special dispensation…

Out of respect for Veterans, I will not remove their praise here. The discussion of Veterans is off-topic, so please bring it back to the topic at hand.