Why not a CCW Pride Month?

Why I “ignored” him forever and a few others. It makes my day go so much better. I only see where he is quoted and the box is empty. What a wonderful option.


I dont’ always follow the heard, and I bring facts with citations, this sometimes makes people rather uncomfortable

Isn’t that what Jesus did¿ Just saying.

My reply is a year late but reading your comment made me reconsider my views. I also have nothing against those who want to be gay or express themselves in other ways. It is human nature to feel uncomfortable with subjects that you have little to no experience with. I think tolerance is the proper term here. That said, if i tolerate your behavior, why the F won’t you tolerate mine? :triumph:

Which behavior of yours is not being tolerated?

My “tolerance” is limited to this: “You can feel free to indulge your fantasies all you want, as long as you don’t insist on persons at large or me to participate”. I try to limit my consumption of what I consider rampant stupidity.

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Good question. We can only control our selves. Once we try to control other people it becomes tyranny( for lack of a better word).

Edit- a better word for trying to control other people is trying to control others.

TBH, none, because I live in a Red state with a Republican super-majority. So if I choose to open carry, wear my shirt with a Gadsden Flag on it in public, etc. no one (so far) comes up to me and tells me not to behave like that. But if I take a drive two states over to visit my nephew in California and behave this way I’ll either be beaten to a pulp by BLM supporters or arrested because I’m carrying a firearm to protect myself from BLM supporters.


So the behavior not tolerated is exercising your Second Amendment Rights by, say, open carrying in CA/etc?

That’s a fair assessment.

Don’t you love living in a free state. KY is like that too except we boarder Illinois. No way am I going to that steaming, rotting carcass of a state. Thank the good Lord all the other states around us honor my CCDW.

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I wouldn’t know Brother… So Sad. :sob:

Thanks for the Visual, I 'm glad I don’t have ‘smell-a-vision!’
Ah! New Mexico that fly Infested dung heap where every critter that walks the Earth craps in the street, and then you go out on the Mesa (Desert) and watch the Other Animals crap all over the place… Migrant Ville USA! USA! USA! USA!

"I’m just sittin’ watchen the Migrants float Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! I really like to watch them sink! " -J. Lennon (sort of :crazy_face:)

I am going to hope and assume the “your” and “you” in the quoted question above are used in a generalized manner and not directed at me specifically. I might get my feelings hurt. :wink:

THEY won’t tolerate US because THEY are intolerant. The only things THEY want are things important to THEM. Not US.

Bold and capitalized print may be a little harsh, but the issue really is THEM against US because most of US are not against most of THEM.

The truth of the matter is that most American citizens, roughly 80 to 90 percent in the middle just want to be left alone to do our own thing, while a small percentage on the left, let’s say 5 to 10, percent, and a roughly equal small percentage on the right are the people making all the noise. WE, most Americans, want THEM, the ones making all the noise, to just shut the heck up. THEY are harshing OUR vibes, but heaven forbid WE say anything about it for fear of being branded as intolerant.

I try to consider myself as a fairly tolerant person in relation to the lifestyles of others. We, My Wife and I, have our own lifestyle we lead which may or may not be acceptable in the eyes of others around us and in effort to keep the peace, we keep our lifestyle to ourselves. We, My Wife and I, will let them do them as long as they let us do us. I will tolerate their lifestyle all the way up until they say my lifestyle is less important than theirs and I am wrong because I am not like them. Our lifestyle does not make any difference in their lives other than ours is different from theirs. So what? Big deal.

We must tolerate them even if they do not tolerate us, because if we do not tolerate them, we will BECOME them.

Me becoming them does not become me.

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I couldn’t have said it better, agree 100%

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