Why kids shot up schools

We deal with felonious convicts, gang bangers and troubled youth. Usually from about 10 to 18 years old, some as old as 40 years old. These kids aren’t your stare at the phone kids. These are the baggie shorts, face tattoo, hand signs type. The ones that have a group of homies hanging in the parking lot trying to get the kids away from us and back into the gang. Believe me, many were/are raised in very devout religious families, typically Catholic and Mormon around here. Many are strictly anti drug, they may sell it but by gang charter they DON’T use it. They carry and train with firearm. Their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers care about them, many give up all of their life endeavors to help these kids.

All of that said, what they want, what they need and frankly what they get is ATTENTION. We offer a safe environment with positive attention and a sense of accomplishment. “Out There” they get attention but not the kind of attention that has the possibility of turning out positive.


But these “gangster kids” aren’t committing school shootings.

Some have shot other kids at school.

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Well, actually….

“ What GAO Found

“GAO found that shootings at K-12 schools most commonly resulted from disputes or grievances, for example, between students or staff, or between gangs, although the specific characteristics of school shootings over the past 10 years varied widely, according to GAO’s analysis of the Naval Postgraduate School’s K-12 School Shooting Database. (See figure.) After disputes and grievances, accidental shootings were most common, followed closely by school-targeted shootings, such as those in Parkland, Florida and Santa Fe, Texas.”

From K-12 Education: Characteristics of School Shootings | U.S. GAO

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You’re wrong, by the way. There are plenty of reputable research articles on this exact topic. Social media definitely influences social change. If you really don’t believe this, you’re simply not paying attention.


Just the same, you can have it. :slight_smile:


The idea that social media doesn’t cause social change is naive at best. It has a huge effect on social change and is why it has such a large revenue stream. Politicians use it as a platform purely because of its ability to cause social change.


Rather or not God causes this is definitely a philosophical question I am not qualified to answer. Religion however, has long had a place in influencing conflict in our societies. That being said I’m not sure what if any role it has had with reference to causing school shooting. What does have a huge impact on school shootings and many other crimes is the lack of a moral guide to set standards for acceptable behavior. With the lack of parental influences and positive social constructs to guide behavior a society where everything and anything is acceptable has become the norm.


Asking what happen between 2012 and 2016 to cause isn’t the correct question. I’m my opinion the increase in these kind of shootings is more a symptom of many things which have changed in our society. One as I stated earlier is the lack of moral guidance. Others include access to social media allowing for new forms of bullying, lack of positive attention, lack of consequences for our actions, are all part of the mosaic which lead to tragedies like school shootings.


Bingo. Without the magical, invisible, duwling around the world beings. IMHO. Part of society’s job is to sweep people in or out, and we’re not.


You may have needed to be around before social media became a thing before commenting on this. I watched social media (Twitter) turn a few former friends into total idiots, and Facebook did the rest of the damage. I look at reddit on occasion now and some threads can get pretty toxic. Hiding behind a fake name and keyboard can bring out the inner jerk in some people.


I feel it is not society’s job to sweep people in or out. That is God’s job. It is society’s job to sweep their ideas in or out. If we sweep people out they will return to offend us.

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According to the MSM and government representatives,

Ghost Guns
Daniel Defense


This is actually turning into an evolutionary scale of wired!
Most of next generation will be physically born with an iPhone attached to the extra thumb!
I’m praying that if I need a surgeon, as I age, they’re not googling cardiac arrest or how to stop kidney failure on the Samsung 98! Let alone, the anesthesiologist, “there’s an app for that!”
We’re kinda close, my cardiologist performed my life saving surgery on a 75” OLED TV!

Changing the behavior of the next generation will not be our job! It’s going to require leadership, courage and integrity and none of those things are taught in “schools”. We don’t have enough time to fix what “genius” screwed up in 18 months! Technology is only going to progress! I just got the strangest feeling that my next surgery will be performed by a robot!


The first two were effects, either directly or indirectly, not causes.


The ways things are now that might be a better option.

It has everything to do with the recent societal changes.


This is so true. This is exactly why, even though I am on the security team at my church, I am always making time to talk and laugh with the children there. You never know what they are going through. I know so many kids who have the nicest “church parents”, but they get ignored and mistreated at home. Regardless of how their week goes at home or school, they know they can always come and see Mr. Calvin on Sundays.

This is not for me to brag, but more so to acknowledge how the things in this article have been put into action in my life. I encourage everyone to make a difference in a child’s life, but be sure not to neglect your own children in the process.

Thank you for sharing this article @BlackHawk


The world in which we live is a “prescribe and forget” world. Got social issues (e.g., ADHD), here’s a pill that will make you feel better. Come back if you need more pills. Never mind that a drug powerful enough to change one’s personality is also powerful enough to shut off sensibilities, guilt and empathy.


Well…“prescribe and forget” is certainly not the way any decent clinic would help someone with legitimate mental health issues.

Sometimes, a mental disorder will be so debilitating, that no amount of “talk thereapy” (aka, psychotherapy) will help. So we will recommend meds to help the person over the hump SO THAT we will then be in a position to talk through the issues and develop other ways of seeing and processing the stuff that’s bugging them.

When meds are used in conjunction with decent therapeutic approaches, people can get better.

For probably 70% of the people who come to see me, we use only cognitive or similar therapeutic approaches and no meds. But for some disorders, like ACTUAL ADD or ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, cognitive approaches alone are ineffective. We then counsel people on how to embrace a new life, one in which their brain chemistry is finally at the right/normal levels, and then how to live well within that.

As for shutting off guilt and empathy, I’m not aware of any currently prescribed psych med that has this effect. There are a certain group of people with what is not called “antisocial personality disorder” (we used to call them sociopaths) who feel no guilt or empathy. No meds will correct that.


The boy had some good answers but not quite right. The kids that do the shootings are loners. Not because they want to be but they are excluded, shunned and bullied. They do not have the social skills or the status they want and need. They get fed up. Some suicide and some decide to take their antagonists with them. Still suicide. Look up the numbers for juvenile suicide. A young girl killed herself because of online bullying by another girl. It is usually a matter of revenge when students do it.
Some of the recent school shootings were done by outsiders. Why? I don’t know.