Why it’s important to know things about your guns like…

What frame sizes mean. I LOVE buying high quality leather on eBay and have gotten some amazing deals!

Soooo, Colt Anaconda frames are comparable to Smith & Wesson N frames. But S&W N frame leather is highly popular/desirable and therefore usually goes for high money.

Colt Anaconda on the other hand, nowhere nearly as popular because much fewer number of owners, soooooooo… I picked up this super lightly used El Paso Saddlery cross draw Tom Threepersons holster ($114 on their site) for a song!

It fits both my Custom S&W 629 Mountain Gun .44 Mag and my 1917 large frame .45acp Indiana Jones repro :grin:


And in case anyone wonders why this rig…

When I go off road in my Jeep deep into the desert/mountains (which is quite frequently) I like a hair more gun than my EDC Glock 48MOS. .44Mag and 10mm give me the warm fuzzys. So I usually carry the above Custom S&W or my 10mm Dan Wesson.

I also tend to leave the Jeep for long walks out into the foot trails and woods and the bigger revolvers and my 10mm Dan Wesson (the guns that usually go to the wilderness with me) are too big for the cup holder and they are very comfortable in the seated position riding cross draw in a field holster like this one and by having them in my belt I don’t run the risk of forgetting my gun in the Jeep, AND cross draw is an EASY and fast draw from seated even with a seatbelt on.


And last, my baby, a custom 629 Mountain Gun. She was built for me by a buddy, world class pistolsmith :+1::+1:

Sorry can’t resist showing pictures of my “kids” :grin:


It is also important to know that a proper and safe holster covers the trigger guard/trigger completely.

Except when it doesn’t have to, like with a double-action revolver carried with a strap securing the hammer.

Just gonna shortcut that one for ya


You have a handsome son!


For the most part I agree with your statement but as always you know how I feel about generalities…

Does a thin leather thong count? :rofl:

And The Duke disagrees with ‘ya. :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks! One of my favorites :heart:

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Totally fair, and you’re always free to pick at exact words and things I post…I am often even more pedantic in how I word things that may be obvious, if you can believe it.

In this case, going full Oscar-in-the-Office into it, I would say that the strap must be securing hammer, not merely going behind the hammer. There are degrees of straps, the strap must “secure” the hammer, not merely be present.

The thing leather thong has its places, for sure…it does…but not for securing the hammer.

Now, about that beach vacation wear

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Not there to secure the hammer, just meant to keep the gun from leaving the holster while riding. And I have to say it’s been doing that job well for probably a century and a half. I’ve been on a few bucking horses and my gun has never come off :+1:

I… I…I… Think I’m in LOVE! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Cylinder-sexual? :thinking::rofl:


(I think one of ‘The Dukes’ Bullets has an erection?

Yeah, I was wondering about that strange long cartridge :thinking:


Very. Very nice work. Impressive!!

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It was a JW thing. I think Hollywood wanted folks to think they were rifle rounds which was nonsense since he always carried a ‘92 which loads/fires pistol rounds.

I think at one point he also said it helped him know how many cartridges were left on his belt as he reloaded from the loops, kind of a placeholder. And if you notice, the cartridges to the left of the long one are jacketed bullets which while not period correct many modern cowpokes carry a few in their belts just in case.