Why is it a bad idea to follow a stalker?

Some lessons here:

  • ordinary Joe is no match for hard core criminals, even while driving
  • criminals bring backup
  • criminals are always ready and willing to commit a violent crime

Is this a question or an example?

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You have to be careful with this story, because the report comes from the mouth of the guy who was shot at. It may not be entirely complete, like maybe he and the shooters are not total strangers.

But if you take this report on the face value, once you called 911, concentrate on evading the stalker, going to a police station or another safe location, don’t challenge them, don’t block them, etc.


Something kinda like that just happened a street over from me a younger kid that lives across the street from my brother in law’s house just had gotten a brand new car and I was hanging out over there and we seen his car being towed to his house and I was confused it was brand new here to find out a car was following him for about 5 min or so and he wasn’t really thinking to much about it he stopped at the red light down the street from my house and they pull up beside him and two people in the back of the car opened there doors and started shooting at his car shot his tires out so he could t leave then proceeded to fill his car with bullets there was 4 holes in just the driver side door about where your legs would be and he didn’t get hit by one round not one they still haven’t fought them I’m always watching for people following me specially at night I’d I notice someone I think is following me I never go home I usually drive to the front of the police station.


Upon realizing he’s being followed, he decided to turn around and confront :man_facepalming:t4:

Repeat after me.

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
Sun Tzu, [The Art of War]


You have just become a stalker.