Why I Cancelled My USCCA Membership

Though this may be a truism, unfortunately it has become a very familiar slogan. However, your diatribe seems to discount the training of others here on this board, and further suggests that yours is superior; rather than a criticism, I’m more confused by the intention? The choice you made as it pertains to the USCCAs methodology or training apparatus was a personal choice and I hope, for the very issues or items you’ve highlighted is your reason for doing so; I guess my confusion is over the propagation or salesmanship of it? And the question is: Why? Did the organization take something from you? Did it do you wrong some kind of way? Having been privileged to provide content (as you’ve stated), how now can you, having once been a provider, turn and kick it in the face as if it is ineffective (which I reject that notion completely), or am I totally misunderstanding your intent and purpose? I mean, if you don’t need it, cool. But others may desire it. How is that not cool, or a good choice in the midst of many possible choices? Now, I’d like to think that I’m a reasonable person; help me understand your intent behind what you are saying. Not about the USCCA vs. whatever, but about your motive, and what I’m to glean from it as to your position on the matter. Thanks in advance.

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You know, sometimes an organization can outpace itself; I wonder whether this could be some of what may be going on?

There is a danger that comes with explosive growth, too many rapidly changing positions on substantive matters and in crucial areas, lack of resolve to stay core standards, always trying to keep up with Jones’s, and trying to outpace some other organization, etc., etc. Could that be happening? Such things can be cost prohibitive if engaged, could be hard on human capital, and could cause the whole organization to collapse on itself. Since Rome wasn’t built in a day; this organization should pace itself in a manner that will be perpetuated well into the future. Be known for core standards and maintain them. Perfect them. Be the best at them. Being careful not to strain at a Knatt while swallowing a whole camel. Not majoring in the minors, so on, and so on. Maybe some of that is good stuff, idk.

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David it appears that you might be willing to have a conversation instead of tossing insults now. So let’s delve into what you said?

I have never once said that others should use the modules from the USCCA’s catalogs. However I have made it clear that they aren’t for me. For whatever the reason a few of you act as though I have insulted your mother, based on what I did say. However, once again, that has never been the case that I said anyone was wrong for going thru USCCA modules.

I don’t do it, and that should be my choice. And yes I think you just misunderstood what I was trying to convey. Maybe due to some fault of mine, but also due to the fact that some people simple misinterpret what I say.

I also realize that some of you are buds in the room so when you respond in a terse manner to someone that is being insultive, you now have a fight with several people in a forum. I’m old enough to deal with that issue, since I refuse to be insulted, because someone doesn’t like how I phrase something.

Because we live in a free society.

1. USCCA took nothing away from me. I am a member just like the rest of you.

2. Nothing was wrong, but I have a slightly different way of seeing things, and I tend to be vocal about what I think.

3. Here is a misconception for sure. I am not a USCCA provider, and never have been. I don’t hold a single Instructor certification, but somehow you see me as one? I do however have a ton of onsite training. I do run a few 2a related forums, and none have ties to USCCA.

My first class of this year was another 7 hour defensive pistol course, and next week I’ll be in another class environment at the local PD. So I certainly am accustomed to doing live training as opposed to virtual modules and calling it training.

I’ve also attended a couple of USCCA seminars that were pitched as training. They were really just sales pitches deguise d as class training. If you are new, and a non USCCA member that it has some value I guess. But most of us that had been around firearms for a good length of time just thought a little bit of a waste, since we were already USCCA members.

4. I’m not sure I follow you with this one above, I have never pitted the USCCA against anyone (your whatever). You may have gotten me confused with someone else here on this topic. I even made a call into USCCA and pointed out that they needed to take a stand against the plants they allow to publically call them out.

I would like to think that I and others had a hand in this ( They Are LYING To You (USCCA CEO Confronts Deceptive Claims) being published, since my complaint was sent up the chain. I know the rep I talked with sent my complaint to Tim Schmidt, so maybe some of us that did take the time to call prompted the video response from him.

So know that if people are cordial, then I generally am the same, but as I have said here before I don’t get paid to take mess from a wanna be internet bully… So I don’t!!! :slight_smile:

I know this doesn’t clear up everything for you, but I thought I would help take time to change the directional flow of our conversation from a couple of months ago.

Take Care!

I went back and read every one of your posts via this thread and I’m exhausted. All I have to say is: O.K.

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Well good, so hopefully now you get it . But when I read yours it felt that same way… They had to give me Smelling Salts, so I could recover!!! However, I didn’t use the word Okay.

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It’s my understanding that the USCCA is supposed to send a lawyer to help me out and if possible get me out of jail and represent me in court if things were to go that far and shouldn’t because if I ever have use a firearm to keep myself or my family alive it won’t happen unless all laws of the land are followed to a tee but I don’t expect said attorney to follow me and represent me in further situations concerning the case unless I plan to pay said attorney for such work. I feel after he/she does their best to get me cleared of the deadly force / saving my own life I’m on my own .

So when little Johnny’s sobbing mother makes her plea that he was an upstanding citizen, veritable pillar of their community and portrays you as a heartless villain in a civil case for millions of dollars?

Yes, you may have been justified in self defense and putting a rabid dog down, and in a perfect society that would be the end of it.

But keep in mind, bush pilots have to watch for parents intentionally sending children onto runways so they’re struck by aircraft!!! Just so they can sue the airline or aircraft owners!

There’s too many people in this world who would love nothing more than to capitalize on a loved ones death at the hands of another! Because they know for certain if they died of natural causes the funeral would cost more than they have!

Greg132 . I READ WHAT YOU SAID. FOR YOU TO BE TRAINED SWAT. Your Addiction to anger. . IS .A. MENTAL CONDITION. And you ARE ANGRY AND. Disrespectful and rude . I SAY WHAT I FEEL . You are out of control. Grow up . Little boy. Treat your elders with respect . You SIR ARE VERY SAD RUDE . Just like a little boy . Wtf. Shut up. Pizz boy . BOBBY JEAN :feather::feather::chile::us::100::100::100::notes::notes::notes::notes::bangbang:

@Greg132 Seems we have agreed to disagree with @David237???

@ will-b. Good point and must admit I didn’t think that far down the “ runway” about it and probably should. I stand somewhat corrected. BTW, I worked for a man for years here in Huntington and he was a great man, his name was Phillip VanHorn , well he was in WWII in the Army Air Corps and then it was the Air Force and he went to Africa for awhile in the Air Force and he said the “spooky” local tribes there would run out onto the runways as the planes we’re taking off because they believed that bad spirits were always following them and when they darted into the runway as a plane was taking off they thought that if they got real close to the plane the spirits would be killed and they wouldn’t have them following them anymore, well some made it and some didn’t lol ( I know this isn’t funny but ….) but he said he will never forget what sound it made when one of those tribesmen’s head hit the big spinning aluminum propeller wich destroyed the prop and not to say what happened to the tribesmen. When it was over they needed a new propeller and a water hose lol… sorry it’s just so crazy

In NV if you are found ‘not guilty’ in a SD you cannot be sued in CC.


Utah Law

(2) The person using force or deadly force in defense of habitation is presumed for the purpose of both civil and criminal cases to have acted reasonably and had a reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or serious bodily injury if the entry or attempted entry is unlawful and is made or attempted by use of force, or in a violent and tumultuous manner, or surreptitiously or by stealth, or for the purpose of committing a felony.


That is awesome news to hear/read!!! Right on.

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This right here is exactly what I did. I found the best firearm defense lawyer in the State. Then told him about the USCCA, and he signed up as an attorney and then I added him to my USCCA account as the attorney to call if I ever needed one.

Edit: I have said this before in this thread but it is hundreds of posts before this. So wanted to amplify down here what many have said before.