Why did you start carrying concealed?

I just started carrying about 3 months ago. With all the unrest in this country right now I don’t feel safe. Cops are being persecuted for everything they do and some of them are not showing up because of it. So I decided at the age of 38 but it was time to protect myself and my family. I backup the men and women of blue 100%, but sometimes are not close enough to help. Never felt I had to protect myself until now, but now that I am I’m feeling more safe and more confident.


My dad gave me my first real gun in 1973, a Remington 1100 12 gauge. I never owned a rifle or a handgun. I’ve always wanted a 30/30 lever rifle. I also wanted a 3006. I never really had an inclination to have a handgun until I joined the Army. My dad had a 357 magnum and a 38 after his attorney was brutally murdered in New Orleans on what dad suspected was his lawsuit against Norman Industries (lo my g story related to a hunting accident on company time, etc). I remember constantly being followed everywhere I went. I was 15. That’s when I moved far away to the country. I ended up selling my shotgun to my uncle. I bought SCUBA gear.

After the Army I wanted a handgun and a shotgun for home defense and hunting. I wanted to CC. It was too expensive for us. I was struggling to afford school and support my wife and later our first born. It wasn’t until 2002 that my wife bought me a 12 gauge pump. My son bought his first gun in 2017 and got licensed to carry. I felt lame and went to Academy on November 11 and was sold into buying my first handgun. I finally got LTC in Texas. I bought my AR-15 a year later on a Naval Air Base.

Fast forward.

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I began carrying in 1972 as a Law Enforcement Officer and have continued off and on as a City Manager and retired professional. I continue to carry today to protect myself and wife. At 75 and living in New Mexico I feel more comfortable when I carry in public, since many times the elderly become targets.

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In a world that seems to get ever more crazy with each passing day, it just seemed to be the prudent thing to do. The old adage “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”, has a lot of truth to it.

Marie, I think what you did was admirable. Of note, you had many views, likes, and replies. I never felt the need, but had respect for those carrying legally. Then I felt I was getting old (per se) and less fit, which pushed me over to take the plunge and carry. Then I wished I’d a done it much sooner in age. My reasons increased from there. Carry on neighbor.

I began carrying about 1 year ago. I can’t put my finger on one particular event or idea. I felt a definite inner pull after researching the 2A battle that has been on going, then wrap in the civil unrest and I guess it was the perfect recipe.

I began carrying for three reasons.

  1. Homicide rate in Memphis as well as shootings.

  2. In my neighborhood…which is pretty quiet, a guy attempted on three different occasions to abduct women out jogging at night.

  3. Two guys…one with a AK…and the other with a pistol went on a robbing spree Christmas of 2019. It was less than a half-mile from my house:

After that…I said “IT’S TIME”

I received my first gun, through a inheritance from a best friend, July last year. I applied for my FOID card and concealed carry mainly for the safety offered in the class. Did not fire that gun till I was being qualified on the range. Retried from plumbing a few years ago but in my career I worked in very questionable neighborhoods, especially when doing service work. Wish now I had it then. I live in good neighborhood but there have been been some home break-ins and cars looted due to owners not locking them. Thank God one no one was ever hurt. Feel more comfortable carrying that I can protect my wife and myself. .