Who represents you in the government?


The USCCA is not a political organization. We want people to vote for the candidate that best represents their views and needs.

With the plethora of gun conversations going on in the government right now, do you know who your represents you in your state and federal government?

If not, you can find your representatives in a few different ways:
Google: Find Your Representative (state)

Or there’s this handy-dandy official online guide: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

Is your representation in line with your views?


On the federal level I have Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey as Senators and James McGovern as Representative. No need to say any more.

My state Representative is someone who worked for McGovern at one time. No help there. All of the above are what would be considered leftists, or extreme leftists.

My state Senator is slightly better. I was a bit surprised to see that he didn’t get an F by the NRA, but he also didn’t get what I would consider a good grade if my son got it on his report card.

Regardless, I don’t vote for any of them. They don’t represent my values, and not only in regards to gun ownership.

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State government I have Dave Severin and Dale Fowler, both pro 2A, Pro Constitution men. Dave actually is also a small business owner in my town, and lives just down the street from me. Federally, I have Mike Bost, another Pro Constitution, Pro Gun Guy. Now, my Senator is Tammy Duckworth, a very anti-Constitution democrat, that ignores not only her oath of office, but, her oath as a veteran. She got elected by being a disabled veteran, and is a disgrace to veterans everywhere. Ready for he next election cycle, to vote against her, again. I will get my chance to address some others on March 27. That’s Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day in Springfield. The gun shop I frequent, the owner has chartered a bus to Springfield. I have my ticket in hand, and an approved vacation day for the 27th.


It’s awesome to hear you’re actively involved, @45IPAC!