who does it belong to


It belongs to it’s citizenry, but only so long as it’s people are willing to defend their rights. There’s a quote ( I am not going to talk about who said it or if they said it), that essentially said those who would give up essential liberties, in exchange for temporary safety. Deserve neither .

Whether it was said, by someone or not, is not important. What is important, is the message. You have to be willing to take risks to protect your freedoms. As long as the citizenry is willing to protect the 1st Amendment and maintains it’s ability to defend itself through the exercise of their 2nd Amendment rights. The Country will still stand, vibrant and alive.

As long as the 1st and 2nd Amendment exist, the Country will remain.

What we have to do. Is remain vigilant against the excesses that come from those who do not respect the very documents, and the freedoms that are enumerated in those documents .


For now the Biden Government is trying to take over, and we the people along with those elected leaders that stand with us for our Constitution and Bill of Rights must stand strong together and Not let this Biden Government take down what this Country stands for.


As of 2020 the government! Before that, the citizens/only those people who are citizens! FYI the current administration are traitors not citizens! Some don’t qualify as people!
We’ve given away our rights, out of fear!
We surely haven’t applied the 2A!
That entails maintaining our countries sovereignty!
As we keep losing rights day by day, we are losing our country!
So if someone wants to be serious about the question and it’s answer, pick up a weapon!
As a citizen, I lost the country and failed my grandchildren, the administration gave our country away! I live with that now!


Of the people For the people By the people


I think this is grossly oversimplified. I agree that it may come to that point. But I don’t think we are there yet. Or maybe I’m overly optimistic.



From the Declaration of Independence:

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,”


@Scott52 you are absolutely correct about letting our grandkids down, I feel the same way it is sad to see the people willingly giving up their rights. I try to do what I can but you can only do so much when you rely on a wheelchair and others for transportation. this isn’t the country that I grew up in, or the one I served and defended when I enlisted


Maybe it should be cast as “Government belongs to the people and exists to serve the people, not the other way around.”


With all due respect…brother. They thought the same way!

Intolerable Acts 2020

  1. Unfair election produced by a Chinese lab subsidized by an American turn coat informing the 45th President of the United States to shut down a country and suspend its constitution!
  2. A sovereign border opened in direct conflict with the constitution!
  3. Censorship, by the current administration, the mass media and illegal funding of the 46th by the sworn enemy of the United States.
  4. Openly turning against its citizens with violence! Imprisonment of the opposition!
  5. Digitization of the monetary system.
  6. Replace your mode of transportation with something they control.
    This list is two years long!

What’s next, outright starvation, we’re close, when our babies can’t be fed properly.
Or, maybe the 46th administration can freeze its citizens to death!
Wait, wait, I got it, kill them all before they are even born!
Oversimplified, not there yet? You may be right! It may take two more years to replace and kill off the remaining citizens, we have to wait until the Chinese buy up more land next to our military bases and complete the invasion!

We are experiencing an exact replica of the beginning of our nation. At the same time we are assisting in its death! If this administration is not acting just like the British, then I don’t know squat about history!

I’m not a white supremacist, not even a nationalist. I believe in the freedom to govern oneself and not be ruled over by a monarchy and a drug addict funding said monarchy! I believe in a system of laws, I once believed in our health system, I even believed in our tax system. I believed in right and wrong, I believe a man is a man and a woman is a woman. I believed our military was superior, I even believed in our education system, I believed in our judicial system. None of this was perfect, but the entire world wants to live in it!
By opening the gates of paradise without any regard for the citizenry, we’re turning it into the hell hole everyone is escaping! Tell me we’re not there yet…

If I removed the map, you would think you were looking a a scene from the movie Escape from L.A. or New York!

Since when do children go hungry in the United States, since when do children have to wear body armor, since when does a jewel of a state look like third world dumpster! Since when did it become legal to kill people in broad daylight?
That’s some serious oversimplification! Maybe I’m just on the wrong side!
It used to be laughable, now it’s a waking nightmare!
When do you fill the car with gas? When the tank is bone dry, or when it can still get you to a gas station? The gas gauge is reading 1/64, those are literally fumes!

The saddest part, is I don’t seriously think good men are going to fulfill anything! Tyranny is here to stay! 2024 is a joke and already called!
Seriously hope I’m wrong!

Lastly, give a man a joint and he’s high for the day, open the country to the cartels and you can kill them all!
Personally, bad business model, no customer retention! That is who our government is! Government of the Chinese Communist Party for the cartels, by the cartels!

Please let me know if I’m watching the wrong station!


I dub thee:

Exclamation Point King


Ben Franklin. said it. I look back at what they risked when they put their names down on the declaration. I think there was good reason 1A and 2A are first on the list.


[ fully agree with what you said,and the people,not all but seems to be most not slowly have stood by PASSIVELY stood by watching our freedom disappear like a frog in cold water slowly being heated up


I know who is supposed to have said it. But there is some doubt whether he said it or not. I don’t want to tie myself to a position, in a debate, where I am having to defend the authenticity of a quote. I would prefer to discuss, the sentiment and value of the worlds. Hence,


Yep I get that.


The Country belongs to WE THE PEOPLE. And those that govern it do so by WE THE PEOPLE’S COSENT ONLY. And that is a simple fact that some of our elected officials seemed to have forgotten. And Our Founders did put in the Constitution a way for WE THE PEOPLE to take back our country and government. And that is with ARTICLE V. And a CONVENTION OF STATES. And there is a grassroots going on now to have one called. And to call one that needs to be 34 states to pass resolutions calling for on. And so far there are 19 states that have passed the resolution. And EVERY STATE HAS ONE IN SOME FORM GOING ON IN COMMITTEES OR ON ONE OF THE STATES HOUSES NOW. TO FIND OUT MORE HERE IS A LINK TO CONVENTION OF STATES web site. And I’m a volunteer with them as well.