Which States Require a Background Check? | USCCA

Are you thinking about purchasing a handgun? Do you know about all the hoops you may need to jump through in your state? Maybe you’re wondering under what circumstances you will need to submit to a background check. We’ve gathered that information for you. Below you can learn about how the laws in your state may impact a firearms purchase.

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If you are in a state that has Medical Marijuana License does that Federal Government claim that you may not buy a pistol or any gun if you have the MML. I live in Michigan and I was denied a pistol, so if I cancel my license can I then get a pistol?

Unfortunately, Yes. Though States allow Medical Marijuana, the Federal Government still deems it as an illegal controlled substance. When you fill out a ATF 4473, one of the disqualifying factors is using what they call an “controlled substance” regardless of state legality.