Where to find info on both sides of issue's?

I belong to the NRA and a few other org. With all the issue’s going on at NRA where can anyone find out what is going on. I would not expect the NRA to inform the general public/or members without being dismissive or at best biased. Other than the NRA is their organizations that can step in to really fill the void? GOA is the only one I know of that carries any clout.

That is a good question…

What I tend to do is draw from about five (5) to six (6) sources and draw my own conclusions.

I’ve been taught this in school due to everybody has some form of bias in them.

For a short period, I was also the editor for my school paper and one thing, in general, was that even myself would get bias. My co-editor would remind me to focus on both sides of an issue.

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There are some other groups that are just as good as GOA. and they are NAGR, the 2A Foundation, and one that is not as well know but does good work as well is JPFO. And they are also a lined with 2A Foundation as well. And I belong to all of them as well.


I contribute monthly to NAGR as well as MnGOC and the NRA. I just want to make sure what little money I can pitch in goes to where it can do the most good.

To me it seems we’ve got to learn the investigative reporter’s play book to get the information we’ll need to really understand what’s happening. I’ve lucked into publications where a ‘name’ speaks up about what they’ve seen or heard and that usually from board members dropping crumbs at during after meetings at the national conventions or other scheduled board events. And then it’s dragging the net wide through all media to have a chance to see more than one or two such troves in a week or month.

Another angle would be to learn the names of all the board of directors and either follow them with Google searches and other metamedia search engines to see what comes. If you’re really on it, start trying to develop personal dialog by correspondence or in person meeting. Of course, if you lived near the NRA headquarters you might have some real opportunities to be/get/earn some serious intel to guide you.