Where’s the good guy with a gun?

Oh, it’s MA and good ppl have had their rights stripped from them.


Interesting that most of his victims were female. This is a war on women.


^^^^THAT^^^^^^ My Brother is an astute observation! Bravo!
Angry ‘Trans’ Freak, Bitter He isn’t REALLY a Woman, (and KNOWS it) every time he
does anything he see’s feels notices his 'Dangle, His Adams Apple
his MAN Bod! Facial stubble. No Long hair or wishing makes him different.
They get disillusioned and angry then here comes the current
sick Socialist administration acknowledging their unique qualities
but the World see’s them as FREAKS! (and always will)
This Twisted Sis-him should be HELPED by Society but they are scorned till they snap.

He Snapped. Attacking these Young girls (Envy) (1st attack, 20-30 somethings 2nd attack proves he needs psyke help.). SUICIDAL! I hope he gets it. Until then he should be locked up.
Biden and company are creating a throw away Society.
Anarchy rules, If Anarchy is in play people keep them in power.

Look for more Anarchy, Black Swan, Social disruption, BLM? Terrorism , Power grid attacks, etc come Election time. If there is Mayhem there may be NO Election. ‘They’ can simply enact ‘NATIONAL SECURITY ACTS’ (like 9/11) until things Calm down…

He’s not the first and won’t be the last…


Having grown up in MA I was interested in this story. I watched a lot of coverage. None said it was trans. That’ll certainly help their cause if it is true. More and more it sounds like angry Frankenstein than surgery fixed all of my problems.


I almost hate to say it, but out of sheer boredom, I’ve been streaming BBC at work.

And guess what?

There is a growing number of global governments who are opposed to “gender affirming care”!!

Germanys frightening acknowledgement of pedofilia is a different level if true.



I sincerely hope I am misreading the articles….

I don’t care if you munch carpet or smoke poles…

Leave children out of it.


I’m not sorry for “it” and I am sick and tired of people being locked up, released, so they can do it all over again. Punishment should be based on intent and not actual outcome. Stabbing someone in a non self defense circumstance to me indicates the intent to kill. The punishment should be likewise. Again, I’m tired of people being rewarded because they failed at the crime they intended. There are 8 billion people in this world, the human race is not an endangered species, we need to deal with people like this in a manner that prevents them from ever being able to do it again.


Giant space rock 2029!!!

Actual plague anytime soon!

I know I will likely die, I’m good with that. Are you?


Boy ain’t that the freaking truth. The human race isn’t in any way close to disappearing. We need to take out the ones that have devolved back to animals.


That alone should tell you the lame stream media is in the bag for the left.


Sad for the girls. Stay strapped my friends.


I’m not sure how. With two choices for which is factual, choosing one doesn’t make it the fact. How do we find the facts anymore is the bigger question?

YUP, Once you’ve been real close to dying (or Twice!) Dying’s easy to accept.
I can’t say I am GRATEFUL every day I wake in the morning (Just not built that way)
But I need to see this sh**show through to the end, THEN I can rest easy.
The Criminals and Freaks, Demagods and NWO’s are ruining this planet and when we eventually right this ship, leaving this Country a better place then all the sacrifice may have been worth it.
All the good Men and Woman that have given their last breath HAS to mean something at the end of the day.
Stopping an attack like this is why we carry. At least why I carry. Self Protection, and Protection of Innocents. The TRAMA these children will now carry because of this demented soul the horror of being knifed should not ever happen to some so young (or even the 20-30 something’s) Shooting these poor souls isn’t the answer, It does end their pain and society is better for it if they chose NOT to seek help. But where are the Friends and Family in all this?
If you SEE someone on a destructive path it is your duty and obligation to intervene. These Trans, Fluid, people can do as they please, America allows this. Freedom to be what you want. But when that bleeds over in others lives, impacts negatively on others WE as a people have the right to say NO, It stops right here. You are not allowed to do that. The .gov closed down all avenues of HELP for the mentally challenged, they’ve disbanded the Justice system letting Crim’s and crazies FREE to continue to do damage to Innocents. Their policies are WOKE and dangerous and until we take these politicians out of office we will see this more and more.
I know I am a broken record. I know I say this way too often but the Founding Fathers sacrificed ALL they had to put in a system of ‘Checks and Balances’ to keep this country from being destroyed by ‘People in Power’. They have forgotten they are supposed to be working for us!
These people live to enrich themselves at the cost of Innocent lives and they don’t give a Rats ass about any of us. They are soul less and need to be replaced.
If this guy gets out he will do it again.
We need to impower the people to speak up and stop this madness of these Criminal Politicians.

We are not there yet.
:us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us:
:us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us:
Be safe today and Stay Frosty




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Think of what the left believes and pushes. Men competing in women’s sports, kids getting “gender reassignment” surgery without the consent of the parents, men dressed up as women using and raping in the woman’s restroom. Do you really believe leaving out the fact that it was a trans guy isn’t important to them?

I love the fact a guy competing in women’s track race got booed after winning the race. It needs to happen more often.


We few who have glimpsed the beyond will never fear it.




Plus plus! :+1::+1::+1::clap::clap::clap:

You eat d**k in your bedroom,… good for you.

Keep it in your bedroom; thanks.

The second you start knifing innocents, I don’t care your gender identity, I will shoot you dead.


Now, Now Brother Will Talk like that will get you in Dutch with the Courts! ( :crazy_face:)

But That comment almost made me spew my coffee! The Visual oh the visual! :face_vomiting:


What he didn’t mean “drink” in your bedroom?:joy::rofl::joy::laughing: