Where is the mid Atlantic region?

The mid Atlantic region ,joins the north and the south. It includes the mason dixon line ( a term many are familiar with) if you run into anyone truly from that region as defined during the civil war you will get a cultural revelation of understanding . Do not be misled over time many commercial definitions have come about including states all the way to CT and Ny,those of the region take great offense when the borders are stretched to include northern and southern states.

The mid Atlantic region is Pa,De,Md Va and Wv, it played a huge role in our nation and has members with families in the northern and southern states( a melting pot of sorts,before the term applied to individual states or cities).

During the civil war you had a northern govt
Washington( not DC yet)( District of Columbia) with a president of mixed feelings moving a northern army, with members that were northern and southern and sentiments were a sharp blade to walk.

One might consider adding that region,because it has its own peculiarities and views. A lot are markedly worthy of understanding while looking for a broad understanding of our rights and views on topics in the USCCA.

What say you?

Hmmmmm in the mid Atlantic.