"Where have all the Poe-leese Gone?'

Vanishing Police! ....We Are On Our Own, Are You Prepared? ~ VIDEO the outrage BEFORE it starts.

Let me just quell the outrage BEFORE it starts
This ISN’T an ATTACK on the Police. Not one bit!
I love good, Honest, decent Cops! Always have, Always will.
But they are disappearing faster than a Gazelle on the Serengeti Plains!
(and for good reason too!—If you destroy the Law Enforcement Community
You have Anarchy, When you have Anarchy, and Good, Inn ent Citizens start
dying, there is outrage!. In the ensueing outrage the .gov say:" WE HEAR YOU !
and we need to bring in the Guard or Regular Army to Control…er…um
Quell the Violence and bring back Law and Order !’
Here we are again folks now it’s Pittsburgh !
SOON, coming to your neighborhood!
They REALLY think we are stupid SHEEPLE!

At a GUN show here .9mm AMMO is $190.00!–1000 rounds
A Ruger .357 Stainless (6) shot was only $495! NEW (I had too!–
I’m a registered 'Gunaholic!) (40+) years in the making !
You don’t need to hear this again from me (but yer gunna!)
The Firearms Industry is making it easier for us in these terrible
times to Protect ourselves. YES, Mr. Cynic they make their money also!
I get that!
But recently a ($650) Anderson AR for $399! c’mon folks! and once again it was
a ‘FLASH’ sale (24) Hours but that doesn’t mean there was any deception !
And Marketing gimmick! But who is going to snooze next time it happens—NOT ME!
that;s for sure.
Back to scheduled Programming: There were 1700 Cops in Pittsburgh, now there’s (800)
soon to be (700) by years end----This is troubling to say the least.
Read Ammolands article an we can talk later----Cha!


I wouldn’t want to be an LEO in this environment.

But SCOTUS has confirmed it is not the LEOs job to protect us. We have to protect ourselves. They simply act as a deterrent to crime by catching some of the criminals after the fact. Now even that after the fact deterrent is becoming far less effective since there aren’t enough LEOs to catch a significant portion of the criminals and many of the ones they catch are being released without punishment.

Gun manufacturers and ammo makers had to really ramp up to keep up with demand from the BLM and Covid events. Now they have some extra supply since we are sitting in the eye of the storm awaiting the next headline worthy events to be splashed across our screens by the media.


This guy was a cop for 30 years and that included SWAT. He knows what he is talking about, and explains what is going on and what you can expect in the future. He does not bash his fellow cops, but he does explain what is happening with standards and why we can expect to see more of an exodus of ‘good cops’ in the future. I personally am seeing this in the military too (I am retired military). Lowering of standards and DEI training at the forefront is not what you want in any fighting force, street cop or soldier/sailor/airman: Police Shortage Explained


Benefits look about average for this market, I suppose they are jumping the SLCPD Ship because of the left wing Mayor, Chief of Police, City/County attorney.


30 + years of stocking up getting ready for this day and protecting the ones i love, i have never counted on leo’s to protect me or mine so i dont feel bad for the sheep that have had their heads in the sand. remember as smokey bear said only you can protect your self and ones u love.


When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…
Screenshot 2024-03-22 192016


Yep, they are disappearing. Call for an officer this past Thursday early evening for a trespasser and it took THREE HOURS for one to arrive. Then the officer showed 0% concern.
Continue training and be prepared.
Note: I did not confront the trespassers, they were outside driving around my yard with a offroad side by side vehicle. My yard has many NO TRESPASS signs and video cameras. I got good video of them and thats the point where the officer didn’t want to see the video and get the ID of the vehicle, that’s where the 0% concern enters.



I am sorry Brother for your troubles
I can sell you a couple of Thousand pounds of ‘Lava Rock!’
Takes the joy outta ‘Joy ridin’
when their Plastic 4x4’s hit
those suckers!


Pittsburgh will soon be referred to as Shitsburgh! Their citizens better be ready for the storm that is coming.


Too bad. I used to like Pittsburgh. I’ve actually considered moving there in the past to be closer to my WNY family, but not under NY State tyranny. I love the hills and countryside of Western PA.


No lava rock. I’m filling some concrete blocks with cement anchored with galvanize posts ( flush to the top of the blocks ) paint the blocks green, like the grass, place them at 4 ft. Intervals apart in a straight line and then let them try to drive through the yard.
It will be worth the extra trimming around the blocks just to see a few of them get f***ed up.
I checked on our county statues, if someone is trespassing, ( signs posted ) , and they get hurt, they can not file suit on the property owner.
Let’s rock and roll or better yet block and stop…


Prepare the home front and the back :exclamation:




It’s a beautiful state!