Where do you carry... your phone?

When out and about, I now tend to carry my phone inside my side or front pockets, out of view from it being “snatched/stolen”, especially since I have more private data in it.

Thanks for the tips. I’m interested in finding an inside the waistband phone case when I can cover it with a shirt.

I’m thinking about using my password to lock it, but weighing in on that if I end up in a hospital unconscious, the staff may need access to find my emergency contacts; so I suggest writing down your emergency contacts not only in your purse/wallet but on a separate card in case stolen.

Many people carry their phone in their ear.

Front offhand pocket.
Recently moved my wallet to that side to maintain concealment while at a checkout counter.

You can also edit the photo on your lock screen to show ICE (in case of emergency) contact numbers. I struggled with this for a couple years before drawing that conclusion.

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If you have an iPhone, emergency contacts and health information can made accessible without a password. Can’t say what Android provides, but I’d imagine there’s a similar option.

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