Where are the PPK's?

Would like to see the different PPK’s or PPK/S in the community. Any with silencers? Here is mine:


I had a dream about a TPH & a can once. Gorgeous ankle board of leather to go with.

As I was living in California at the time and never imagined being able to leave; I thought it fantasy.

I wish someone had kicked my horses tail back then.


My S&W version!!


I wish they made them in 9mm.



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They did…ish.

PP Super[edit]

First marketed in 1972, this was an all-steel variant of the PP chambered for the 9×18mm Ultra cartridge. Designed as a police service pistol, it was a blowback operated, double-action pistol with an external slide-stop lever and a firing-pin safety. A manual decocker lever was on the left side of the slide; when pushed down, it locked the firing pin and released the hammer. When the 9×19mm Parabellum was chosen as the standard service round by most of the German police forces, the experimental 9mm Ultra round fell into disuse. Only about 2,000 PP Super pistols were sold to German police forces in the 1970s, and lack of sales caused Walther to withdraw the PP Super from their catalogue in 1979.[20]


I have 2 Walther PPK/s pistols. One black and the other nickel. Both are .22 caliber and have suppressor adapters 1/2 x 28 tpi. I ordered the suppressor but my FFL hasn’t gotten it yet. Of course from what I hear it takes a year to get the license back from the ATF, plus $200 tax stamp. Yikes…