When was the first case of people trying to take away guns in america

I am wondering,if anyone has any idea of the roots of the 2a boondoggle we currently suffer under. Was it a political point originally,brought by the Republicans,Democrats,Independents,communist,socialist etc. What are the roots and history of where this issue came from??

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When The British told the Colonists they wanted all the guns returned and sent back to England. 1768 the RedCoats tried to take our guns and we in the New Country told the British to go to hell which brought about our Revolution.


I’m thinking maybe 1934/1939 shotgun barrells us vs Miller ,or 1968 imports banned with no sporting use ,grenades suppressors etc. and by age :21 or 1986 no Federal gun registries etc.

These are the easy ones with a little looking. But was it reasonable knees jerks and thought that got us here ? When and who is involved that has made this a supported political cause?

Unaware people (like we like to assume) or is it more sinister? Example VA just flipped from a red state to blue ,but the communist party of America(c.p.of a) funded almost all of the democrats and did their grassroots voter registration( as reported by media,news and the C.P. of A . They then wrote a note to the DNC telling them how to flip every state.
My point is,it wasn’t until after the election the communist party involvement was revealed ( personally I didn’t know that dog could hunt anymore per se Ala 1950’s McCarthyism)

The question remains then what or who pushed modern gun control? People, groups,concerted effort like socialist, and when did it start. Or flip from knee jerk reactions to organized hang em high mentality or let’s kill the 2a.

What are we really fighting? Is it gun owners always being reasonable that got us here? Was it politicians being afraid ,after things like the st Valentine’s day massacre or the Kennedy assassination ? Or is the timeline a cause like taking prayer out of school or the green new deal?

Anyone have a legislative and support view or knowledge?


Here is a decent article on the history of carrying guns in the US. https://www.usacarry.com/history-concealed-carry/
You should notice that open carry had been legal in many states since settlers arrived in North America. Concealed carry was all but outlawed leading into the early 1800s. It wasn’t until Florida started the shall-issue permit movement that concealed carry in 1989.
Funny how today, open carry is all but publicly unacceptable and concealed carry is the thing. We often say an armed society is a polite society. Just imagine if we went back to open carry only how polite society might become.


Many people in what has become the great state of California would say the modern movement to remove guns from the populace was when the Black Panthers organization held a clamp out with rifles on the steps to the State’s Capitol Bldg in Sacramento. As a child that was the kind of thing that woke me from a unconcerned childhood… at least for a moment or two. Then I went back to my river tidal bogs and marshlands…

Lexington and Concord come readily to mind. Of course, I’ve always been a history nerd, and especially loved the Revolutionary War.


I’ve heard it suggested, that gun control in America started after the Civil War to restrict minorities who sought their own means of defense. It’s also my understanding that there was a push in the 60’s to disarm minorities during the equal rights protests.

Personally, I don’t think British gun control measures could be considered anti 2A considering the Bill of Rights wasn’t written yet.


You are absolutely correct. But it is the reason for Second Amendment. Just like general warrants issued under the Crown and the Fourth Amendment requiring probable cause for a warrant to be issued. Likewise, the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th and arguably the 9th and 10th. They were each added to the constitution to prevent from happening in the new Union what was done to the British colonies.


@Dr_Richard I’m sorry Sir! After looking at this thread one more time. I took your question literally in other words I was not thinking about the illegal gun control laws that Partisanship politics wants to impose on We The People.


I guess I should also mention, that some places in the Old West required firearms to be turned in while in a certain area. Tombstone and Wyatt Earp would be an example (1879-1881).

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Those were city ordinances and you got your firearms back when you were leaving town or you could leave them in the place you were living.

The starting of it all was after 1865 to keep minorities from owning firearms. In 1934 the NFA was put in place to keep We The People from owning the same weapons as our military which is Unconstitutional. The reasons used was for safety to the public because of people like Babyface Nelson, Al Capone, John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde and several others during the 20’s and 30’s. The main thing of it is the Government wants control of the people. This started in the 1860’s which started the civil war.

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@Scotty, The Tombstone law is still on the books.

When I lived in AZ, it was open carry except Banks, liquor stores and Tombstone. I had a quick startle moment when a gentleman came into a local grocery and about 2 inches of his .44 was visible below his coat. Wasn’t shocked but was an aha moment for me. Legal because it showed, cc wasn’t a thing them legally.

And polite society after the civil war in major cities in the East frowned upon open carry as being crude and uncivilized. Only the constables should wear them.

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Gun control was started as early as 1686 with NJ create a law against carrying because they induced “great Fear and Quarrels” and other states followed.


C. Gun Carry Restrictions
Carry restriction laws were widely enacted, spanning the entire historical
period under examination. As early as 1686, New Jersey enacted a law against wearing weapons because they induced “great Fear and Quarrels.”43 Massachusetts followed in 1750.44 In the late 1700s, North Carolina45 and Virginia46 passed similar laws.47 In the 1800s, as interpersonal violence and gun carrying spread, thirty-eight states joined the list;48 five more did so in the early 1900s.49 Laws in the eighteenth century did not typically identify weapons concealment as criminal per se, but did restrict more general carrying of firearms, usually if done in crowded places, or groups of armed people. Among the earliest laws criminalizing the carrying of concealed weapons was that of Kentucky in 1813.50 As with the brandishing laws, concealed carry laws normally targeted pistols as well as various knives, the chief feature of which was that they had long thin blades that were favorites in interpersonal fights. Louisiana enacted a similar law that same year.51 A particularly sharp comment on the intent behind such laws was expressed in Tennessee’s 1837 law, which referred to “[e]ach and every person so degrading himself” by carrying pistols or other named weapons.52 The preamble of Georgia’s 1837 law began: “AN ACT to guard and protect the citizens of this State, against the unwarrantable and too prevalent use of deadly weapons.”53 Alabama’s 1839 concealed carry law reflected similar antipathy to the practice it was prohibiting: “AN ACT To suppress the evil practice of carrying weapons secretly.”54 Concealed carry laws generally made exceptions for travelers passing through an area while armed.



And NJ still seems to lead the pack!


Thank you @Dawn you taught me something today. I had no idea about most of your response. Like @MikeBKY said it seems like NJ is leading the pack. I find one of the laws regarding firearms extremely hazardous to everyone. NJ has a law against using JHP’s for some reason but they are safer than FMJ in self-defense in regards to innocent bystanders accidentally stepping behind the target after we have already pulled the trigger.

I found that over the weekend and thought it was really interesting, @Rebelcowboy32!


That is really what I’m getting at,the groups,the payors etc. The formal paid rights subversion groups and where they came from,who funds them,why they are not stopped. I think that like a lot of the responses we( gun /CCW owners collectively) see the issue as described herin,as opposed to an organized plan of attack. It is a question due to the politics used in the argument against guns. It almost as simple as demanding gun education classes in every school ( like driver’s Ed) and the backlash or lack of traction that would get in DC . It normally isn’t hard to unmask political operatives,or single opinions unless coordinated by money and power. Robert Thanks for taking a second look, and Mike not a bad article. There are others that point to weapons usage by type ,being tied to soldiers familiarity after wars etc,however the overwhelming push against weapons even though they save 2.5+ million lives a year begs a question. Who pays for and is behind this factually unsupportable political football of hate against guns.


Dawn,Thanks for the new book.:heart::heart:


@Dr_Richard Yes Sir; well that was the original intent of forming the Community so we could all pass our knowledge and experiences around to each other. The thing is most people are automatically joined because they become paid members but very rarely if ever express opinions or questions. I understand that’s what exactly happens in talk radio. People listen for years to a particular personality and never call in.
With attention to your observation regarding education of students and firearms, years ago when I was a young kid in the 1950’s and very early 1960’s some of the Chicago Public elementary and High schools did have NRA training from the NRA and the close by to my childhood house had a .22 rifle range in the basements of the school. I’m sure by now those ranges have been converted over 45-50 years ago but they were there at one point in time. Plus there was the gun safety element of the classes. I went to catholic school but my two siblings went to public.