When the Levee Breaks

If I were a veteran - I’m not - I would seriously consider doing something unpleasant about this. Unless of course you have the coherence of Joe Biden. It can’t be like this. Really.


This is EXACTLY what “Watering the tree of liberty” concerns itself with, and exactly the precipice our Country teeters on right now. Taking liberties with our liberty will not stop until it is forced to stop.

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IMHO this is part and parcel of the Dem play book…

been paying attention and notice this kinda stuff over and over with gov agencies…


This Administration is out of Control.
The late Ned Beatty in Mark Wahlberg’s film ‘Shooter’
said it best—as a seated senator he does what he wants
his line was “THE TRUTH IS WHAT I SAY IT IS!” That kind of
thinking is on display right now.
‘Congress tells me I can’t do Student loan forgiveness…I’m doing it anyway"—Puddin’ Pants 2024 The ATF is a Bureaucracy that follows what Congress dictates----NOPE! They are writing their own laws (making it up as they go along) WHY? Because Pudding UNLEASHED THEM!
The ATF doesn’t legally have to power to write their own Laws! You might as well give the entire Agency Brown Shirts and Armbands! We are that close.
The VA has been broken for DECADE’S! It isn’t for the GOOD of the Veteran, It’s for the good of the Agency. Always has been always will be till they are stopped.
This entire administration is Corrupt and out of Control.

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