When the DA Fails the Legislature Amps Up The Pressure

First for those of you that don’t know who Sim Gil is. He could very well be a Soros plant. He’s a far left thinker that some how keeps winning in middle left Salt Lake. This guy simply decides to not prosecute many criminal cases but loves to go after citizens cases of little or no consequence to the community as a whole. I don’t know how effective a report to a body of politicians can be, but hey, at least now Sim Gill knows someone may be watching…


“There needs to be some level of accountability in our capital city for the prosecution of crime when it is not appropriately prosecuted,” YA THINK?
Why spend all that Bread on Sport stadiums if people are too afraid of going to the Games?
Accountability in a Soros backed DA? What’s that?

Yet people like Gill still won’t care! Like Militia ‘Letitia’ in NYC she doesn’t care. She knows what side of the Bank account is buttered, and she will do the bidding of the Power elite.


Criminals don’t prosecute criminals!!!


And, I suspect that no one on the opposite end of the political spectrum can be found in Salt Lake who is willing to get off their couch and run against Mr. Gil. Hmmm.


It was her

She didn’t do too good, Republicans usually don’t fare well in this market…


At least she gave it a try. Most people would simply stay home with a million reasons why they don’t even attempt a challenge.


“Results as of about 2 a.m. showed he held nearly 58% of the vote, far ahead of Republican challenger and political newcomer Danielle Ahn, with 42%.”

Probably the closest anyone has got to this guy.


So, it takes a couple tries – unless you’re a couch potato who believes the situation is hopeless and we can never hope to protect our Republic from the carpetbaggers.

I checked on Sim GIl. I do not see evidence of any direct support from Soros.

However he still might be leaning that way.

Here is his page…

I am not sure what “Therapeutic Justice” means… Do victims of crime get therapy too, or just simple justice?

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" These alternatives seek to transition those offenders out of the criminal justice system who can most benefit from other programs—giving them a much greater chance to not re-offend."

Lose the voting machines, monitor the vote counters, problem solved.

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We need to monitor the counters, but the problem is deeper. I believe, in the end, during the past POTUS election, they ultimately did count all the ballots they received fairly accurately, and that’s how how they can keep insisting “there is no evidence of fraud.”

They keep using those exact words, or very similar… “no evidence.” It’s just like Lance Armstrong insisting for years “I never failed a drug test.” He’s right, he never did. Careful choices of words there.

I believe the reason there’s no evidence is because the fraud happened upstream, before the ballots made it to the counters. With millions and millions of untraceable mail ballots circulating, no ID requirement, and questionable machines, yeah, they probably really did have 81M FJB votes to count. It’s just that 81M registered, eligible voters didn’t actually vote for him, and there’s absolutely no way to prove that now. The biggest evidence I have to support my belief is how insistent the left alone is on universal mail ballots and no ID requirements to vote. If you aren’t cheating, you won’t mind security and referees.


Actually, the fraud begins upstream, and continues up to the time the election results are “certified”. Just because the media echoes the same message over and over does not mean the message is true. It’s their propaganda. Boatloads of proof of election fraud exists.

Here is the most famous case of the same ballots being run through the machine over and over, with suitcases of ballots being pulled out from “under a table” after poll watchers were told to leave due to a “water leak”.

I encourage everyone here in the community to take two hours out of your busy lives to watch Let My People Go- a documentary that tells as close to the whole story about American election fraud as you can expect to hope for. You can watch it here: Official "Let My People Go" Full Length Documentary